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Kemper System adds to sealants line-up for building envelope

November 29, 2017

Kemper now offers a family of commercial-grade construction sealants to address a variety of applications for the building envelope.


Kemper System expands its solutions for the building envelope.

Kemper System America, Inc. now offers a family of commercial-grade construction sealants to address a variety of applications for the building envelope including Kempertec Joint Sealant and three proven GreatSeal brands from STS Coatings, acquired by Kemper System in 2016.

The GreatSeal line includes two multi-purpose products —GreatSeal PE-150 Joint Sealant and GreatSeal LF-100 Liquid Flashing — plus a liquid tape for use with Wall Guardian air barrier assemblies.

Kempertec Joint Sealant is a new addition to the Kempertec primer line of substrate preparation products for use with Kemperol systems. It fills gaps between cover board or plywood joints and around penetrations to ready surfaces for the primer.

GreatSeal PE-150 multi-purpose joint sealant is a versatile, high-performance product that forms long-lasting weathertight seals. The indoor/outdoor sealant can be applied in cold weather and adheres even on damp surfaces. It is ideal for sealing joints in roofing, walls and masonry, as well as for closing gaps around penetrations, flashings, windows and doors. Based on a polyether sealant, the single-component GreatSeal PE-150 contains no solvents and very low VOCs. It exhibits excellent weathering properties with a service range of 200oF to minus 40oF (93oC to minus 40oC), movement capability of +/- 25%, and zero shrinkage.

GreatSeal LF-500 Liquid Flashing is ideal for rooftop flashing, maintenance and repair applications. The high-performance high-build polyether sealant can be applied via brush, trowel or gun. The single-component polymer can bond even on damp surfaces and to such roof materials as metal, wood, masonry, plastic, fiberglass, glass, and foam insulation. It also has excellent weathering properties, with a service temperature from minus 40oF to 200oF to (minus 40oC to 93oC) for a long-lasting seal.

GreatSeal LT-100 Liquid Tape is compatible with Wall Guardian FW 100A liquid-applied fibered acrylic air barrier and a key component of the ASTM 2357-compliant Wall Guardian Air Barrier system. The liquid tape seals the lineal, board-to-board joints of gypsum sheathing, EPS, fiberboard and plywood while remaining flexible to move with the building. It can be used to seal other wall penetrations under ¼ in. The 100% solids and solvent-free polyether formulation forms a seamless, monolithic exterior working surface. Its distinctive blue color allows for quick visual verification that all seams and gaps are effectively sealed. It skins in one hour, moisture-cures completely in three to seven days depending on conditions, and is paintable within 24 hours.


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