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Johnson Controls introduces Quantech Air-Cooled Chillers

April 7, 2015
By Press release

Quantech chillers are fast, dependable and energy efficient.

MILWAUKEE – (March 5, 2015) – Johnson Controls introduces Quantech Air-Cooled Chillers, now available exclusively through an independent sales network. Quantech chillers ship virtually immediately from inventory, making replacement available in as little as two days to minimize downtime and restore comfort quickly. Quantech chillers offer up to 50 percent annual energy cost savings compared with the replaced chillers, have a low lifecycle cost, meet or exceed ASHRAE standards, and help earn LEED credit with a low refrigerant charge.

“When an HVAC system goes down, occupants want relief and mechanical contractors want to provide a solution as quickly as possible,” said Harvey Elder, vice president and general manager, North America Applied Systems, Johnson Controls. “We can deliver these chillers in days, not weeks or months, with the added benefits of high efficiency and a low lifecycle cost.”

Three models make up the Quantech chiller line: The Quantech line includes the Quantech QTC2 and QTC3 15 to 175 ton air-cooled scroll chillers, as well as the Quantech QTC4 160 to 210 ton air-cooled screw chillers with variable speed drives, which are built to order.

Quantech chillers are manufactured as part of the Johnson Controls product portfolio in manufacturing plants in North America and are shipped from a logistics-center warehouse near Dallas. Service contractors and design-build contractors can source chillers from Quantech representatives. Additionally, service contractors will receive fast selections and quick delivery.

Johnson Controls’ 140 years of engineering backs up the dependable, strong track record of these chillers, which are smaller, lighter, quieter and require less maintenance.

The QTC2 (15-50 tons) provides chilled water for all air conditioning applications using central station air handling or terminal units. The state-of-the-art installation uses tube and fin condensers, brazed plate evaporators, and scroll compressors.

The QTC3 (55-175 tons) offers full load and part load efficiencies that meet or exceed ASHRAE standards and operates at 125 degrees Fahrenheit and down to zero degrees. The scroll compressors are reliable and deliver the proven design of two independent circuits for partial redundancy.

The QTC4 (160-210 tons) combines cutting-edge technologies in compressors, heat exchangers, condenser fans and chiller controls to deliver unmatched efficiency. The variable speed drive screw compressors dramatically reduce sound levels.

Contact our distribution network to ask about Quantech: To learn more about the Quantech chillers, visit



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