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Jaga Introduces New White Paper on Low Surface Temperature Solutions Safe, energy-efficient heating solutions

April 7, 2015
By Press release

ONTARIO – (April 1, 2015) – Jaga Climate Systems, a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions, today announced the availability of its new white paper, “The Low Down on Low Surface Temperature Radiators.” Ideal for schools, elderly care and social housing facilities, low surface temperature (LST) solutions are safe to the touch, making them better suited for buildings than conventional radiators. Jaga’s LST radiators, such as Strada, and its white paper will be at booth 3010 at the Mecanex/Climatex/Electricite/Eclairage (MCEE) expo April 22-23 in Montreal, Quebec.

“Traditional radiators can reach surface temperatures higher than 140? F/60? C, causing burns in a matter of seconds if an individual accidentally touches a unit,” said Chris Heerius, Jaga North America. “However, the surface temperature of Jaga’s LST radiators remain at 109? F/42? C or below, even when operating at a high heat output, which makes them safe to touch at all times.”

In addition to being energy efficient and more responsive to temperature changes, LST radiators are easy to install and maintain. They utilize low mass, low water content (low-H20) heat emitters, meaning they have 10 percent of the mass and contain as little as 10 percent of the water content of a traditional radiator. This allows the radiator to heat a room more quickly and accurately than traditional radiators, providing greater comfort and energy savings.

Because they feature low surface temperatures, designers aren’t limited in the types of materials that can be used for LST radiator casings. Jaga offers casings made of high-grade veneer, steel and more. Jaga’s LST radiators, including Strada, Maxi and Knockonwood, are also compact, feature hidden valves and are free of sharp edges, making them a sleek and safe choice whether they are mounted on walls or freestanding.

“Visitors to the MCEE expo will find a lot to love in our LST radiators,” added Heerius. “They’re safe, efficient and provide flexibility of design, making them a win for developers, engineers and architects.”

For more information about Jaga’s LST solutions, download its LST radiator white paper at

About Jaga Climate Systems
Headquartered in Waterloo, Canada, Jaga Climate Systems is the North American division of Jaga International. Founded in 1962, Jaga International is one of the world’s leading specialists in the manufacture of award-winning, energy-saving heating solutions. Each year, Jaga produces more than one million feet of wall-mounted and trench heating featuring its unique Low-H2O technology. Active in more than 40 countries, Jaga has been part of some of the world’s most acclaimed building projects.


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