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IEC introducing direct drive coil series

January 10, 2017
By Canadian Consulting Engineer

New direct drive blower coil system set to provide energy savings, extended motor life, easier installation and less maintenance.

Belt-driven blower coils have been the standard for ducted applications that require greater static pressures. However, they require frequent belt tightening, inspection, and replacement. To combat this, in tandem with rising energy costs,International Environmental Corporation (IEC), the market leader in fan coil solutions, will introduce its new Horizontal and Vertical (HDY/VDY) Direct Drive Blower Coil Series at AHR 2017. Accommodating a variety of applications, these models are equipped with a direct-drive EC motor, eliminating belt-drive slips and other concerns associated with belt-drive systems, leading to increased energy savings, extended motor life, easier installation and less maintenance.

“We believed it was necessary to provide engineers and contractors the option to transition to a more efficient means of driving fan systems,” said Rob Copeland, marketing director at IEC.

The HDY/VDY Blower Coil Series, which ranges from 600 to 3,000 cfm, features larger blower wheels and a broader range of performance than conventional ceiling fan coil units. Utilized most often in healthcare, hospitality, education, retail and other commercial mixed-use facilities, the HDY/VDY has acoustical benefits, eliminating the mechanical drive noises in typical belt-drive products. It features a wide range of vertical and horizontal model sizes, chilled and hot water coils and electric heaters, and are designed to work with varying space requirements.


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