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Grundfos Unveils MAGNA3:

February 15, 2013
By Canadian Consulting Engineer


Designed for commercial hydronic applications, MAGNA3 will cut power consumption up to  85 percent through its innovative AUTOAdapt function that automatically and continuously adjusts circulator performance and the new FLOWADAPT control mode that reduces the need for pump throttling valves.

DALLAS —Boasting the highest energy-efficiency rating available for circulator pumps in North America today, the MAGNA3 from Grundfos is at the forefront of smart pump technology. Making its North American debut at the International Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) in Dallas on Jan. 28, the Grundfos MAGNA3 is an energyoptimized, variable-speed wet rotor circulator that features a permanent magnet motor design that will cut power consumption up to 85 percent, as compared with other circulators in its class. 

MAGNA3 offers much more than the ability to match pump speed to varying system loads. Grundfos is the only manufacturer to offer a variable-speed electronically commutated motor (ECM)-based circulator that uses an integrated logic algorithm to “learn” the varying energy-usage patterns of an application over time, enabling the software to automatically determine the lowest possible operating efficiency point to meet ever-changing demand. By continuously finetuning power consumption and flow rates to meet the dynamic needs of the system, this AUTOADAPT function saves both energy and money.

The AUTOADAPT function is so powerful that eight out of every 10 installations can rely on this feature to automatically select the optimal setting, with no additional human intervention. For the installer, that simply means plug and play and walk away.

“As demand for water efficiency surges, building operators are zeroing in on the untapped potential of ultra-efficient pumps,” said Jes Munk Hansen, president of Grundfos North America. “Grundfos is poised to meet and exceed those demands by making smart-pump technology, smarter.”

MAGNA3 boasts the lowest energy consumption, most flexible range, easiest installation and most innovative functionalities on the market. From its improved hydraulics and rotor system to a built-in differential pressure sensor, every detail of MAGNA3 is designed to boost efficiency.  In fact, the MAGNA3 will consume 20 to 40 percent less energy than most models in the current MAGNA line, already a best-in-class energy-efficient circulator.  In developing the MAGNA3, Grundfos committed to achieving the European Energy Efficiency Index of 0.20, which exceeds the efficiency ratings of any circulators now on the market in North America.

         Breakthrough motor design: First used by Grundfos in Europe in the 1990s, the electronically controlled motor features a magnetized rotor, thus avoiding motor-slippage problems common to induction-type motors.  The result is a dramatically more efficient motor that generates less heat and energy waste, while delivering a starting torque four times higher than a standard induction motor — a key feature should the circulator experience long periods of idleness.

         FlowADAPT: The new MAGNA3 allows the installer set a maximum flow rate that the pump will never exceed, eliminating the need for additional and costly valving to restrict the flow. This option is available whether the installer opts to use AUTOADAPT or either of the MAGNA3’s other two modes: constant pressure and proportionate pressure. With AUTOADAPT, the fixed flow rate becomes simply another parameter the system “learns” on its way to minimizing energy usage.

         Carbon fiber reinforced composite rotor can: The function of the rotor can is to seal fluid from the stator motor. In the current MAGNA, the can is fabricated out of stainless steel, but the MAGNA3 substitutes carbon-fiber material because it permits a stronger transmission of the magnetic field through the can, raising overall pump efficiency.

         Differential pressure sensor: While the existing MAGNA bases its performance on power consumption and speed, the new MAGNA3 adds a new data point by integrating a patented differential pressure sensor right into the pump housing. In doing so, the MAGNA3 boosts hydraulic and motor efficiency.

         Constant temperature mode: A system sensor allows the MAGNA3 to monitor flow temperature constantly. A circulator placed in the return line in a domestic hot water system can be programmed to maintain a constant temperature. This, in turn, enables the pump to slow down when hot water demand is low or nonexistent — a big energy- and money-saver in certain commercial applications, such as schools and hotels, whose need for hot water varies greatly throughout the day.


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