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Globe LED Lighting (GLL) designed the LED tube with sensor

December 8, 2015

The GLL LED tube with sensor is the latest inventive breakthrough in the commercial lighting market and specialized for underground parking lot, corridor and staircase. It can fulfill enough brightness for people who walk there and drivers to park the car safely. It changes to eco mode(3W,  6W or 9W) automatically when there is no vehicle or human motion, the eco mode still provides enough brightness for monitoring purpose.  Let’s take a closer look at a few benefits that come with GLL LED tube lighting:

  • Energy efficient – GLL LED tuber with sensor uses less than 80% of the energy that traditional fluorescent bulbs use. Not to mention, lifespan of regular LED tube is more than 6 times longer lasting than fluorescent lighting methods, GLL LED tube with sensor has longer lifespan than regular LED tube due to the sensor let the LED tube works under low power condition most of the times. Moreover, LED tube is ideally temperate which eliminates heat build-up.
  • Environmentally conscious – Conventional fluorescent lamps contain mercury and phosphor which present environmental and health risks. Choosing LED tube lighting is free of toxic materials and are 100% recyclable. Additionally, because of LED’s unmatched durability, this greatly conserves material and production waste.
  • Reparable – The 70% of the LED tube cost is for the LED chips obviously, it rarely has any defection. However, the adapter of LED tube is the part where the problems occur, but the cost is very affordable. GLL has modularization design for GLL LED tube to simplify the repair. It decreased the cost rather than changing the tube, and save the material.

Designed in Canada, Assembled in Canada.


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