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GE Innovation Centre in Calgary, Alberta opens

August 13, 2013
By Canadian Consulting Engineer

Mississauga, ON – The new GE Innovation Centre in Calgary, Alberta makes use of state-of-the-art GE Lighting technology, fixtures and lamps to light this one-of-a-kind space.

The GE Innovation Centre focuses on commercial discovery and collaboration, and leverages GE’s global expertise, industrial scope and technology to address challenges across the energy, healthcare, transportation and finance sectors. The GE Innovation Centre is part of GE Canada’s “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOU) with the Alberta government, which was signed in 2010 and designed to provide opportunities to explore applications of technologies and opportunities for commercialization.

“We view Canada as an important participant in the growth of the global economy,” said John Rice, Vice Chairman GE, and President & CEO GE Global Growth and Operations. “Alberta’s position as a global energy leader, along with its entrepreneurial success, and commitment to research and innovation are key attributes that influenced GE’s location decision.”

The following GE Lighting products were used to light and maximize efficiency throughout this new facility:

Product name: Infusion

The Infusion LED module is the smallest twist-in module on the market, making it easy to install, service and upgrade at any time. Whether you’re designing for track, recessed, pendant or other types of luminaires, the Infusion LED module gives you one compatible base design to build around. It comes with a variety of dimming protocols, including 0-10V, Phase and DAU. The Infusion LED module allows you to select light levels or energy consumption levels based on your needs.

Product Name: LED Cove

GE LED Cove offers customers the benefits of decreasing their carbon emissions, lowering their energy and maintenance costs, simplifying on-site installations and providing superior lighting performance.

Product Name: LED 2×2 Troffer

The new GE Lumination™ LED Recessed Troffer Luminaires transform ambient lighting into a balance of refined appearance and superior efficiency. When illuminated, the panels produce a perfectly even glow that delivers exceptionally uniform light to fill the space. When turned off, the panels appear completely free of a visible light source – a unique design aesthetic.


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