Canadian Consulting Engineer

Easy HVAC Specification: One Platform – Multiple Applications

February 11, 2014
By Canadian Consulting Engineer

If you’re dealing with different types of applications (makeup air, ventilation, recirculation, or something in between), wouldn’t it be easier to specify a packaged system from a single source? That was the idea behind PLATFORM 125. It’s a single platform – with three distinct models – to handle a wide variety of commercial/industrial applications.

Whether you need a lot of makeup air, space temperature control, or a hybrid of the two, there’s a solution right for you. And, these are Reznor® packaged systems. It’s a brand with a name that has been trusted by HVAC professionals since 1888 (over 125 years).

In addition to helping you meet the recent ASHRAE standards for ventilation or IAQ, these units also add LEED points to your project for energy efficiency. The 90%+ efficient gas heating system has been developed from almost 30 years of experience, since the first 90%+ efficient unit heater was introduced. The engineers developing Reznor equipment also introduced the first 90%+ efficient gas heating split system.

But, don’t think this is just a heating system. This platform has DX cooling which incorporates high efficiency digital scroll compressors, ECM motors, and high efficiency DX heat transfer coils. This helps the unit achieve 13 IEER or better.

For your demanding ventilation applications, reheat pumps are available to provide more reliable and verifiable dehumidification control than traditional hot gas reheat systems. It’s another advantage to using a brand with over 40 years experience in makeup air cooling.

You can also save your clients on their energy bill when you specify the built-in energy recovery wheel.

To find out more contact your Reznor Agent by calling 800-695-1901, ext. 1; or go to Reznor is a registered brand of Thomas & Betts, a member of the ABB Group.


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