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Destratification fans recycle heat for building occupants

March 29, 2023

Huracan fan

Photo courtesy Nortek Global HVAC.

Nortek Global HVAC’s Reznor business has introduced the Huracan series of ‘heat recycling’ destratification fans to help decarbonize commercial and industrial buildings by saving on heating energy.

The stratification of heat in winter, as warmer air rises to the ceiling, can result in inefficient energy consumption and discomfort for building occupants. Huracan fans are designed to recycle stratified heat—particularly from high ceilings—back down to the occupied zone below.

Featuring a white steel finish, the fans are available in four sizes, ranging in weight from 22 to 43 lb, to accommodate ceiling heights from 10 to 60 ft in warehouses, factories, athletic facilities, box stores and other large buildings, especially those where signage, lighting or power drops from the ceiling pose obstructions.

In most cases, existing 115, 208, 277 or 280-V electrical sources can be used. With the fans’ multi-position hanging brackets, only two threaded rods are needed for installation. The units can be controlled via on/off wall switches, thermostats or thermostatic interfaces compatible with most building management system (BMS) protocols.


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