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COPTRZ™ Launch: Changing The Face Of Construction With Drones

May 20, 2016
By Press release

From aerial surveys for topographical maps to high structure inspections, drones are the multi-tasking workhorse of any construction project. More affordable than helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) deliver highly detailed information never before possible across a huge number of tasks on any construction project.

COPTRZ™ is a brand new company full of drone enthusiasts (also known to the world as ‘geeks’). It’s our passion to make sure everyone has access to the wonders of drones – they’re such useful tools, and fun to use too!

“Drones have so many uses for construction projects, we’re excited to be the ones spreading the word to get these useful tools into the mainstream. From high quality live video feeds for inspections on tall or dangerous structures, to producing detailed land analysis for project planning, UAVs are ideal for any construction project. They can even keep stakeholders happy as clear visual site progress reports are easy to produce,” says Steve Coulson, Founder of COPTRZ™.

“The multiple uses of UAVs mean anyone using them will easily save money on their construction project. Drones can reduce the number of staff required for hazardous inspections, and help identify potential problems well before they would normally be spotted thanks to the affordability of regular inspections and surveys.

“COPTRZ™ are excited to deliver these possibilities to all sizes of construction project thanks to the new affordability of drone hardware and software. We can help architects and site managers choose a bespoke drone and training package, or match them with our hand-picked partners to carry out surveys on their behalf. We’re intent on helping the construction industry improve safety, speed up traditional processes such as surveys and inspections, and save money.”

Highly advanced drones that are perfect for construction projects are now available through COPTRZ™ – and the team will be able to help advise any site manager or architect seeking to use UAVs for their project. From distance surveying with a fixed-wing drone such as the Geo Mapper to steady smooth aerial photography with any of the DJI models, there is a UAV perfect for the job.

Want to know more? Email for comment, or visit the website for details. If you’re nice, we’ll let you come and play with the COPTRZ™ team and our gadgetry to see what the fuss is really about!


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