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Belden, CommScope approve AEM’s TestPro CV100

July 7, 2021

The device has met their warranty program requirements.

AEM smart building test kit

Fibre optic cabling manufacturers Belden and CommScope have confirmed AEM’s TestPro CV100 multi-function cable certifier (pictured as part of smart building testing kit) meets their requirements for warranty program approval. This is in addition to earlier warranty approval for twisted-pair cabling.

TestPro CV100 hot-swappable multi- and single-mode fibre optic test adapters are designed to provide Tier 1 certification, report network compliance, check for cable breaks and simultaneously test the loop resistance of electrical copper pair in hybrid-powered fibre. Measuring electrical voltage is also available.

Belden has approved the TestPro CV100 for testing its multi- and single-mode fibre optic structured cabling systems, including FiberExpress, with version 3.2.R2 or later, as well as multi-mode AD-MM-K01E and single-mode AD-SM-K01E hot-swappable test adapters. Belden accepts test results provided by TestPro for all FiberExpress-certified systems installations warranty programs.

CommScope, meanwhile, has approved the TestPro CV100 with version 2.9.R4 or higher, with testing of its multi- and single-mode structural cabling systems supported under Systimax 25-year warranty requirements. The device was compared to optical loss test equipment used in CommScope’s labs for encircled flux compliance, spectral profile of light source and stability, demonstrating a high degree of correlation with lab test results.

TestPro CV100 products also conform to Corning’s LAN-1561-A4-BEN guidelines.


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