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ASHRAE updates refrigeration handbook

July 6, 2022

ASHRAE refrigeration handbook

Image courtesy ASHRAE.

From cryogenics to strawberries, from fishing vessels to mortuaries, the 2022 ASHRAE refrigeration handbook covers equipment and systems essential for applications beyond human comfort, offering data and guidance on cooling, freezing and storing food, industrial and medical applications and low-temperature refrigeration.

Some of the revisions to this edition include:

  • Chapter 2, Ammonia Refrigeration Systems: Additional information on safety considerations and hydraulic shock.
  • Chapter 3, Carbon Dioxide Refrigeration Systems: New tables for carbon steel and copper pipe capacities and updates to system design and piping information.
  • Chapter 6, Refrigerant System Chemistry: Additional content reflecting recent research by ASHRAE and others.
  • Chapter 8, Equipment and System Dehydrating, Charging and Testing: New clarifications of test certification standards and a discussion of overall system dehydration levels.
  • Chapter 24, Refrigerated-facility Loads: New guidance on fan motor loads.
  • Chapter 44, Ice Rinks: Updates for current practice and refrigerant use.

The handbook is available in print or via online subscription.


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