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AcuRite Announces “My AcuRite” Cloud-Based Weather Environment System

August 2, 2016
By Press release

LAKE GENEVA, WI. – AcuRite®, the leader in personal weather monitoring and forecasting technology, is pleased to announce the My AcuRite weather environment system. This versatile, customizable and expandable platform allows construction professionals to accurately measure local conditions and receive notifications of changing conditions. This will allow them to save costs by better planning job site staffing, protecting materials from bad weather and harsh elements, sharing conditions with key employees, and effectively executing construction activities.

My AcuRite is built upon a powerful cloud-based platform that delivers AcuRite’s proven environmental measurement technologies to a consumer’s laptop, tablet or smartphone. An intuitive, easy-to-navigate, data-packed app and web interface connects serious builders with actionable information about their specific location.

In addition to providing a crystal-clear picture of outdoor conditions, My AcuRite can be expanded to deliver a variety of indoor environmental monitoring functions and customizable notifications. These features help users stay ahead of changes in and around properties that could affect the structure of houses and buildings. These capabilities include water leak detection and frozen pipe prevention.

Following are examples of My AcuRite features and capabilities that benefit users of all types:

My AcuRite Benefits

  • Precision weather measuring, including rainfall tracking, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure
  • Ability to track, analyze, export and archive historical weather data
  • Broadcasting to weather communities, plus ability to share weather data within the My AcuRite network
  • Minimize potential for water damage with water leak detection
  • Monitor air quality to prevent mold and allergens with high indoor temperature and humidity alerts
  • Protect musical instruments and collectables with low indoor humidity alerts
  • Prevent frozen pipes with low temperature alerts
  • Prevent flood damage with excessive rainfall alerts
  • Prevent wind-related damage with high wind alerts
  • Properly water lawn, flowers and garden with rainfall tracking
  • Know the best time to plant with soil temperature monitoring
  • Prevent frost damage to plants with low outdoor temperature alerts
  • Remotely monitor pool, hot tub, pond, fountain and aquarium temperature
  • Ensure ideal sleeping conditions for bedrooms and nurseries
  • Save on energy costs by making sure heating and cooling systems are operating efficiently, and checking for drafts and leaks

All New My AcuRite Features

  • Current conditions dashboard with 12-hour trend charts
  • Charting and graphing of historical data for analysis and download
  • Share, inform, broadcast and connect your weather data with family, friends and the community
  • Rapid Fire updates to Weather Underground
  • Customizable alerts include email and phone notifications about conditions you want to track
  • Ability to connect up to 10 indoor and outdoor monitoring sensors
  • Compatible with a full range of environmental sensors, including water leak detectors, liquid temperature sensors and soil temperature sensors
  • Expandable to track additional locations or properties
  • My AcuRite mobile apps for Android and iPhone
  • Integrated five (5) day and 36-hour weather forecast

“My AcuRite goes beyond a weather app or the Internet of Things, it’s about connecting consumers with useful data from AcuRite products and services,” said Larry Meadows, director of platform solutions at AcuRite. “With My AcuRite, information is presented to users in a meaningful way, through their chosen channel, and ultimately gives them the power to make educated decisions and take action in and around their job sites.”

My AcuRite environment systems will start at $129.99 MRSP and will be available on and The My AcuRite smartphone app will be available through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Visit to learn more about My AcuRite.

The My AcuRite smartphone app will be available through Google Play and the Apple App Store.


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