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A ‘step change’ in compressed air leak detection

May 3, 2023

Si124-LD Plus

Photo courtesy Teledyne FLIR.

Compared to its predecessors, the Teledyne FLIR Si124-LD Plus acoustic imaging camera allows professional inspectors to more quickly and accurately pinpoint small air compressor leaks in industrial environments.

The Si-124-LD Plus maintains its product line’s one-hand operational design, while offering improvements in sensitivity, auto-filtering (eliminating unrelated background noise) and auto-distancing (providing leak-rate estimates up to 16 ft away from the source).

“The camera represents a step change for industrial compressed air leak inspection,” says Rob Milner, director of global business development, Teledyne FLIR. “Industrial inspectors will enjoy greater efficiency. These leaks, if not detected and remedied, can not only create dangerous conditions for buildings and industrial sites, but can also lead to costly repairs and unnecessary increases in energy costs.”

The camera integrates fully with FLIR Thermal Studio software for post-inspection analysis and reporting. It includes two rechargeable batteries, recharger, neck strap, Universal Serial Bus (USB) memory stick and hard case.


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