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Schöch North America names new president/CEO

May 19, 2017

Adam Kimble has been named CEO of Schöck USA Inc. and President of Schöck Canada.


Adam Kimble, new president/CEO of Schöck North America

Schöck, manufacturer of structural thermal break technology, has announced that Adam Kimble has been named CEO of Schöck USA Inc. and President of Schöck Canada.

Kimble is responsible for managing the focus and growth of Schöck’s North American operations, which centers on educating the building industry on thermal bridging solutions in multi-story buildings using the company’s line of Isokorb structural thermal break products.

“My mission is to support our team of sales engineers in providing commercial architects, structural engineers, developers and contractors with the technical support and advanced products they need to save energy, prevent mold and improve building comfort,” explains Kimble.

Asked about building insulation trends, he says, “Future energy efficiency regulations will specify increasingly higher insulation requirements throughout the building envelope, especially at balconies, parapets, canopies and other structural penetrations responsible for significant heat loss when not insulated,” adding, “I fully expect ASHRAE, the International Code Council, the U.S. Department of Energy and other regulatory agencies to specify that building envelopes be insulated at balconies and other structural penetrations as an explicit code requirement.”

Schöck Isokorb

Schöck’s Isokorb product lines for concrete and steel construction support and insulate structural penetrations in commercial building envelopes, reducing heat loss by up to 92% while preventing mold formation and improving comfort.


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