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Number of engineering graduates rises sharply

January 20, 2015

Engineers Canada releases report on enrolments and degrees granted in engineering over the five years between 2009 and 2013.

Engineers Canada has released its findings for engineering education over the five years between 2009 and 2013.

“Canadian Engineers for Tomorrow: Trends in Engineering Enrolment and Degrdes Awarded 2009-2013” published in November 2014 shows that the number of undergraduate students who received engineering degrees has increased almost 24% since 2009. Over 13,000 undergraduates were awarded degrees in Canada in 2013.

The number of students awarded graduate degrees in the period has risen 45.5%.

The trend for enrolment is also sharply upward. Enrolment in undergraduate engineering programs reached 73,000 in 2013, increasing 24% since 2009. In British Columbia undergraduate enrolments grew 55%, and in Nova Scotia by 40%.

The share of female undergraduate enrolments stood at 19% in 2013, and of post-graduate enrolments at 23%.

Mechanical engineer represented 21% of undergraduate enrolments; civil was 16.5%, and electrical was 14.5%.

International Visa undergraduate student enrolments represented 14.5%.

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