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What’s New… (June 01, 2006)

June 1, 2006
By Canadian Consulting Engineer



Leading environmentalist David Suzuki, along with the Ontario Energy Minister, is endorsing the Power-Pipe system for homes. Made by Renewability Energy of Waterloo, Ontario, the Power-Pipe uses the energy from hot drainwater to heat cold water coming into a house. The heat exchange system is said to reduce water heating costs by 25%-40%.


Siemens Water Technologies is marketing the Envirex Rotating Biological Contactor system as a biological treatment system for cyanide, thiocyanate and ammonia in wastewater generated by mining operations as well as for wastewater systems. The latest application is a gold mine in Ghana where 16 full-size units are scheduled to come on line.

The city of London, Ontario replaced two of its welded steel sludge storage tanks at its Greenway Wastewater Treatment Plant with AquaStore tanks from Engineered Storage Products Company. The tanks include custom options such as better roof access and a custom “cold climate glass.”

The SmartMaxII systems by Control Instruments continuously monitor different areas of a water treatment plant for methane, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide and oxygen deficiency. New features include stand-alone design with built in alarms and relays.


Stormceptor, the Toronto company that makes engineered stormwater treatment systems that remove oil, sediment and other pollutants, has become Imbrium Systems, a member of the Monteco group of companies.


Viking Pump is now making the Viking Mag Drive 855 Series internal gear pumps designed to perform in hard-to-seal liquids, hazardous or toxic liquid applications.

Flowserve has introduced the IPS Tempo, a pre-engineered intelligent pump optimization, control and protection system. Users can program IPS Tempo to respond to process and condition variables to protect the pump equipment against adverse operating conditions. It has also introduced the CPX/Mark 3 chemical process pumps that operate in flows up to 1680 m3/h, heads to 300 m and pressures up to 30 bar.


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