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PRODUCTS (December 01, 2000)

December 1, 2000
By Canadian Consulting Engineer

FIRE & SECURITYEdwards Systems Technology of Owen Sound, Ontario has released the Genesis line of fire alarm strobes and horn/strobes. The line uses technology derived from military applications to e...


Edwards Systems Technology of Owen Sound, Ontario has released the Genesis line of fire alarm strobes and horn/strobes. The line uses technology derived from military applications to eliminate the need for bulky specular reflectors in fire alarm signals. Available in fire alarm red or neutral white, the patented design of the Genesis makes it about the size of a computer mouse. It stands only 3/40 off the wall.

When activated, the Genesis fills the area with full bursts of light, giving full illumination using advanced FullLight technology. Horns are engineered to emit rapidly alternating frequencies to warn of danger. The product won the top honours from the Security Industry Association in New York in August.

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A new intelligent, integrated Windows 2000-based security management system by Simplex is iSecure Pro. Featuring the connectivity of the Microsoft SQL server client/server database, iSecure Pro provides advanced capabilities for controlling building access, displaying alarms, integrating CCTV images on computer workstations, monitoring intrusion points and issuing photo ID badges. The system provides networked security management across existing Ethernet LANs or WANs and has a remote site dial-up feature.

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GE Power Management has introduced, an Internet based service that allows rural co-operatives and municipalities to harness the power and performance of SCADA over the internet. For a low monthly fee, the service provides utilities with access to a complete range of substation functions, from monitoring and control to administration and reporting. Services include eSCADA (includes eMONITOR, eCONTROL, eENGINEER), eEXPERT, a database of public documents and internet links to web site resources, e-REPORTER to create reports, eSCHEDULER, to automate repetitive manual procedures, eADMINISTRATOR to track all equipment, and eCUSTOMER to communicate directly with customers.

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New products from the Wiremold Company for its wire and cable management systems include a family of FiberReady(tm) fittings that maintain a 2″ cable bend radius. The fittings meet the bend radius specifications for the broadest range of optical fiber, as well as twisted pair and coaxial cabling.

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The new N-3153 series of pumps from ITT Flygt of Pointe-Claire, Quebec has innovative hydraulic ends that improve the flow of liquids, thus reducing the risks of clogging, especially when pumping high fibrous content liquids such as sewage. With flows up to 160 Lt/sec. and heads up to 45 m, the pumps can be installed in either wet or dry pit stations, making them ideally suited for retrofits. A closed cooling system enables the motor to operate more efficiency, and a plug-in seal unit allows replacement of a seal in a few minutes.

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EMU pumps from USFilter’s Davis Products minimize the difficulty of field-assembling mechanical seals. Both upper and lower sets of mechanical seals are inside a precision engineered enclosed block seal (EBS). Each set of springs is “factory set” with the correct pressure, requiring no field modifications or adjustments. The EBS is compact, with a minimum shaft length between the lower thrust bearing and the hub of the impeller, maximizing resistance to deflection, which can distort the seal faces.

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