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March 1, 2014  Canadian Consulting Engineer


Structal-Bridges of Canam Group is providing steel components for a new cable stayed bridge at Saint-Jacques Street that is part of the Turcot interchange reconstruction in Montreal. Structal-Bridges’ contribution includes a monocoque structure, a steel tower and a complex anchorage system, as well as Goodco Z-Tech seismic isolators and modular expansion joints.


The second generation microbiological ATP testing from LuminUltra, a New Brunswick-based company, gives results in a matter of minutes. ATP stands for Adenosine Triphosphate, a molecule found only in and around living cells. Each ATP molecule reacts to produce a photon of light which is quantified by a luminometer.


LEAPprimary is an advanced primary wastewater treatment from GE Water. It combines separation, thickening and dewatering of primary solids in a single, compact unit, and it combines with LEAPmbr technologies.

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