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PRODUCTS (August 01, 2000)

August 1, 2000
By Canadian Consulting Engineer

FIRE/LIFE SAFETYIn October, LaserLyte, a division of American Xtal Technology is launching a laser-light home safety system called Safe Escape to help guide people out of a building through smoke. T...


In October, LaserLyte, a division of American Xtal Technology is launching a laser-light home safety system called Safe Escape to help guide people out of a building through smoke. The mounted device contains a microcontroller and microphones that listen for the sound of a smoke detector and activate the laser light. As smoke develops, laser arrows project to the floor pointing to an exit.

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Simplex’s TrueAlert UL-listed fire notification appliance (above) has the same interactive addressability capabilities as the company’s TrueAlarm smoke detectors. The audible/visible notification device brings the advantages of addressability to notification appliances — horns, strobes and combination horn/strobes — that warn building occupants of a fire.

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The EPS 6000 Online 800 kVA UPS by MGE UPS Systems meets the continuous operation requirements of data centres, computer networks, broadcast facilities, telecommunication facilities, etc. The Series 800 has a 94 per cent energy efficiency rating even when lightly loaded by using highly stable DPQ circuitry to optimize the switching frequency for the load level and power profile. The result is premium quality, uninterrupted power and reduced power costs. The compact unit measures 120 inches in length, conserving valuable computer room floor space. All its components are accessible from the front.

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Power Measurement of Saanichton, B.C. have a new three-phase digital power meter. The 7600 ION meter uses expanded measurement capabilities (such as flicker) and fast transient detection (down to 65 s) to capture critical events that other instruments may miss. It can be combined with the company’s PC-based PEGASYS software, which can collect and report information from an enterprise-wide metering network.

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The Square D OMNI (open Multi Network Integration) Motor Control Center by Schneider Electric of Toronto gives flexible networking solutions. The Omni Center supports protocols such as Modbus Plus, Profibus, Devicenet and Ethernet. It comes in three versions. The Omni Center-Basic Prewired MCC, the Omni Center-Flex Control Bus MCC, a multi-network cabling system that replaces traditional hardwiring and offers flexibility to change units in the field, and the Omni Center-Enhanced Solution MCC, which has multi-network connectivity at each device.

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V.J. Pamensky Canada has introduced the new W21 Severe Duty line of electric motors. Performance improvements include reduced noise levels, inverter duty characteristics and increased lock rotor time. The line is available up to 500 HP, in all voltages, and at standard TEFC electric motor prices.

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Cummins Onan’s PowerCommand Bypass Isolation Transfer Switch allows manual bypass and isolation without disrupting the load. The PowerCommand 2MW DQKB/C products are the first generator sets verified to meet the LonMark Guidelines for interoperability, enabling them to have a plug-n-play interface with building automation systems.

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GE Power Management has announced on-line training and support is available for its universal relay products. The new web-based training and support module features an on-line 3D personality complete with human characteristics and a synthesized voice. Visit


Legrand has acquired of France has acquired the U.S.-based Wiremold Company. Wiremold produces raceways and floor boxes to channel power, voice, data and image cables through commercial and industrial buildings. Legrand, which makes low voltage fittings and accessories, has also bought the Watt Stopper, a lighting control company.

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Smaller facilities can have a low-cost, easy-to-install HVAC networking option by combining the Metasys N30 supervisory controller by Johnson Controls with its M-Tool programming software tool. In conjunction with the M3 Graphic user interface, the N30 and M-Tool create a powerful building automation system. The N30’s built-in energy management features include demand limiting and load rolling.

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The Siemens HVAC Products Catalog, 2nd Edition gives details about pneumatic and electronic controls, damper actuators, valves and valve actuators and the new Dragon series of electronic thermostats. The 600+ page publication includes new product groups such as low voltage room temperature and fan coil thermostats.

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The Navigator diagnostics tool is now standard equipment on the Carrier 30HXA and 30HXC EcologicTM screw chillers with ComfortLinkTM controls. The hand held tool allows technicians to reference diagnostic information generated from the control system while servicing screw chiller components.

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MagneTek Lighting Products has introduced a line of low profile AccuStartTM High Performance ballasts for frequently switched applications and as a replacement for rapid start applications. The new ballast line uses new component technology to reduce the fixture cross section (overall height 1.18″) and to improve operating efficiency. The ballasts also feature universal input voltage (108-305 volts) and less than 10% THD.

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