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Products (October 01, 2008)

October 1, 2008
By Canadian Consulting Engineer


A temporary portable cofferdam called Portadam is being used for the Ingram Bridge rehabilitation project in Rock Creek, B. C. The Portadam system allows in-water construction to be carried out without the need for excavation, fill, pile driving or dykes. The system consists of a welded tubular steel framework support and a flexible waterproof membrane. It can be installed in any configuration and over uneven bed contours.


Koch Membrane Systems’ MegaMagnum 18″ diameter reverse osmosis (RO) element was designed for large plants, but can be an economical and efficient solution for brackish water reverse osmosis systems with a capacity beginning at 400,000 gallons per day, and for seawater desalination systems producing as little as 100,000 gallons per day. Compared to an 8″ RO size element, the 18″ element radically reduces the number of necessary components and required floor space. KMS has elements with diameters from 12.75 to 18″, in lengths from 40″ to 61″.

Siemens’ Forty-X disc filter has a woven polyester pleated panel to provide a barrier for suspended solids in tertiary treatment processes. The disc’s inside-out filtration design allows for a higher operating headloss capability, giving better feed distribution and fewer backwash events.


Solar Integrated Technologies is supplying and installing a proprietary building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) roofing system on Johnson Controls’ offices in Wisconsin. The roofing system integrates a low-maintenance waterproof membrane with lightweight, thin-film photovoltaic cells.

A new version of Honeywell’s Enterprise Buildings Integrator has been released. The EBI R400 facility management system integrates HVAC, security, life safety, lighting and energy systems.

Uponor, maker of PEX-a systems for radiant floor heating and cooling, plumbing and fire safety, has moved its Canadian headquarters from Regina, Saskatchewan, to Mississauga near Toronto. The Regina office will continue to serve western Canada.


Wiremold/Legrand has introduced fire-classified metal and non-metallic floor boxes that preserve the fire rating of a concrete slab without spraying on additional insulation material. The boxes are UL-tested and shown not to influence a floor’s fire rating. The boxes have conduit stubs that extend downward, penetrating the steel decking into the space below. The stems of the boxes contain intumescent firestop material that expands when exposed to high temperatures and seals the penetration from flames and heat.


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