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Products (May 01, 2007)

May 1, 2007
By Canadian Consulting Engineer


MGE’s Network Shutdown Module 3.1 software features web-based power management for high-density data centres, such as those with virtual servers, blade servers and N+X power redundancy levels. Module 3.1 is compatible with operating systems such as Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Linux.

Raycap has developed a transient voltage surge suppression module that provides uninterrupted protection from surge currents up to 200kA. The Strikesorb module meets the revised UL-1449 standard without internal fuses.

EnerSys has a thin-plate pure lead VRLA battery in its PowerSafe SBS line. The SBS170F is up to 10 per cent more powerful than other batteries in the same footprint. It provides a rugged design for extreme temperatures and harsh environments such as outside plants.


Viking Corporation’s VK453 Microtech residential sidewall sprinkler has been expanded to include a 20 x 20 ft. room size. The sprinkler is UL listed for 25 gpm at 39 psi, potentially reducing the total number of sprinklers required in a system. Viking is also manufacturing CPVC fire sprinkler pipe.

Troy Sprinkler of Owen Sound, Ontario has become a strategic partner with GE Security Canada following a management buyout. With 450 employees in 25 centres across Canada, the business will market under the Edwards Sprinkler and Troy Sprinkler brand names.

Uponor’s new 1/2* and 3/4* Partition Stops provide a rigid back support for plumbing systems within interior or exterior wall cavities. The stops allow the installer to shut off the water supply to an individual unit without disturbing other tenants.


The NFS2-3030 is a new intelligent fire alarm control panel by Notifier. It is intended for large-scale applications requiring custom solutions and supports up to 10 signaling line circuits for 3,180 intelligent devices (159 sensors/159 modules per SLC).


The Firetide HotPort is a wireless mesh network by Sony. The network provides standard Ethernet ports on every wireless node and allows virtually any enterprise grade IP camera to connect. For indoor and outdoor applications, it has substantial bandwidth to support many simultaneous video streams.


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