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Products (March 01, 2003)

BUILDING CONTROLSTeletrol Systems has released a new version of eBuilding, an internet, BACnet-compliant building automation system. The release has improvements in scheduling, alarm management, trend...

March 1, 2003  Canadian Consulting Engineer


Teletrol Systems has released a new version of eBuilding, an internet, BACnet-compliant building automation system. The release has improvements in scheduling, alarm management, trending and extended support for multiple sites.


Roberts-Gordon has introduced the Ultravac Control for their Corayvac infrared heaters. The controls modulate the burner input rate with outdoor air temperatures to match the heating system’s input to the building’s heat requirement.



Autodesk has launched AutoCAD 2004, code named “Red Deer.” The new series, launched 15 months after Autodesk 2002, is focused on a network environment. It includes a broad set of improvements, aimed at speed, easier sharing, and efficiency. On the speed front, it is said to open files 30% faster than in AutoCAD 2002, with drawing files 52% smaller than DWG files in the predecessor series. Other new features include easier drawing annotation, tools such as revision clouds, drag and drop blocks and hatches, and automatic notification of drawing changes. There are also tools for high quality presentation graphics, new DWF file formats for secure sharing and for publishing through a free downloadable “express viewer,” and side-by-side installation with previous releases all the way back to Release 14. Sells for the same price as AutoCAD 2002, and upgrades are around U.S. $495.


Universal Lighting has introduced Triad AccuStart ballasts for applications where lights are frequently turned on and off, such as in washrooms, copier rooms and occupancy sensor applications. The programmed Rapid Start technology ensures the cathodes are at temperature before the lamp ignites.

Starfire Lighting makes a Xenflex flexible linear lighting system. The technology is a low-voltage, flexible mounting strip with AR, MR-11 and MR-16 lamps. The strip can be trimmed and formed to fit into any curved or angled space.

Solatube International’s SolaMaster Series is the first tubular skylight engineered for commercial buildings. Its 21″ unit can accommodate suspended ceilings, hard ceilings and open warehouse ceilings. The Solatube company also makes the Solar Star solar-powered rooftop ventilator. Tel. 760-597-4400,


Grundfos has added titanium pumps (CRT) to its CR line. All the components that come into contact with the pumped liquid are made of titanium. The titanium has a highly stable oxide film that protects the surface of the metal against corrosion. The parts are fully resistant to solutions of chlorites, oxidizing metallic chlorides, etc. and are ideal for use in seawater environments. Tel. 905-829-9533.


Grundfos Canada, manufacturer of centrifugal pumps for residential, commercial and industrial applications, has appointed a new president. Simon Feddema joined the company in 1992 as finance manager as one of the original nine employees and has been instrumental in setting up and growing Grundfos Canada over the past 11 years.

He has a Bachelor of Arts, Economics Major degree from Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is a Certified General Accountant.



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