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PRODUCTS (June 01, 2001)

June 1, 2001
By Canadian Consulting Engineer

MOTORSA new quarry duty motor is being produced by VP Electric Motors. The ruggedly built, all cast iron frame motor is suitable for crusher and aggregates, pulp and paper and other industries. The FC...


A new quarry duty motor is being produced by VP Electric Motors. The ruggedly built, all cast iron frame motor is suitable for crusher and aggregates, pulp and paper and other industries. The FC 200 density frame has extra thick, 2-inch ribs for strength and improved heat dissipation, as well as 4140 high tensile steel shafts with roller bearings.

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Atlantic Industries (AIL) of Dorchester, New Brunswick, maker of corrugated steel pipe for 30 years, has acquired Big R Manufacturing and Distribution of Colorado. Big R is the largest manufacturer of portable steel bridges in the U.S. AIL also recently licensed Wildstone Engineering of the Okanagan, B.C. to be co-owners of a patented fish baffle insert. The baffle insert can be inserted by two people into pipes of 800-mm diameter and greater and can be installed at a fraction of the cost of a replacement culvert.

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Zenon Environmental of Oakville, Ontario is supplying the largest membrane wastewater treatment plant in the world, located in Italy. The ZenoGem bioreactor will treat nearly 10 million gallons of wastewater per day, using ZeeWeed hollow membrane fibres to remove bacteria, viruses and parasites.

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USFilter has formed a technical team to work with industrial clients who process hydrocarbons and want to recycle treated wastewater. Also, USFilter Stranco Products has introduced the Strantrol 885 Conductivity/Temperature Controller designed to maintain conductivity and temperature (if desired) in cooling water and industrial process applications. The unit operates with little or no user attention.

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A space-efficient, horizontally designed water-tempering device has been launched by Dri-Steem Humidifier Company. Drane-Kooler mixes cold water with hot water discharged from various types of equipment to reduce the discharged water temperature to below 140 F.

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Autodesk are launching two new products and several product upgrades. They are based on AutoCAD(R) 2002, and combine desktop and internet capabilities. Two new products to be released later this year are Autodesk(R) Building Mechanical and Autodesk(R) Building Electrical, which team up with Autodesk(r) Architectural Desktop to improve coordination among architects and engineers.

The company has also launched AutoCAD Mechanical 6 and AutodeskR Mechanical Desktop 6 for the industrial sector, plus five product upgrades for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and land development.

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MXDRAW is a new tool by Infrasoft Corporation for the rapid production of contract drawings using AutoCAD or Microstation. Drawings can be created from conception and are automatically kept up to date. The company is also shipping Version 2.5 of its MX product suite for civil engineering. Infrasoft produces MXROAD, MXRENEW and MXRAIL software which combine high precision 3D design capabilities, ease of use and interoperability. They are available on AutoCAD, Microstation and Microsoft Windows N/2000 platforms. Prices start at U.S. $3,500.

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The Wiremold Company has introduced the EclipseTM workstation raceway, its first wire and cable management system designed for use with Ortronics(R) connectivity technology. Ortronics TracJack and Series II connectors and modules integrate seamlessly into a wide selection of data and bezel boxes. TracJack is a front-loading individual jack solution. Series II is a modular, front-loading system with one or two jacks in a single module.

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Rescue multi-horsepower residential/light commercial motors from Emerson Motors come in two types — a multi-horsepower furnace motor (gas or electric) and a multi-horsepower condenser fan motor. The motors are one-size-fits all for flexibility as replacement units. The furnace motor comes in two models, a larger version of 3/4 hp down to 1/5 hp, and a smaller version of 1/2 hp to 1/6 hp units.

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Baldor Electric Company’s has a new 16-page brochure on energy efficiency. Its Super-E(R) motors have efficiencies as high as 96%, and have been recognized by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency in the U.S. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, electric motors account for two-thirds of all energy used in industry.

The company is also producing a new washdown brushless servo motor designed to withstand high-pressure washdown environments, and a new compact enclosure for inverter and vector controls. The enclosures are 30% smaller than previously.

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