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Product Information (August 01, 2007)

August 1, 2007
By Canadian Consulting Engineer


The VB400 lighting control by IEPC Corporation provides energy savings for high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting. Switching from a 400W HID lamp to a 200W HID lamp controlled by the VB400 gives more brightness, more energy efficiency and more control. The VB400 is plug and play.


Rittal has introduced its advanced Wireless Sensor Network for data centre monitoring and industrial applications.

Rittal is also launching a pre-assembled, operational server rack, the High Performance Package. It is based on the TS8 server rack, which incorporates the liquid cooling package (LCP). It also has an air/water heat exchanger, secure power supply via PSM busbars, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and a CMC-TC monitoring system.


The portable 1621 Basic Earth Ground Tester by Fluke Electronics Canada has 3-pole Fall of Potential and 2-pole ground resistance. Users can capture values with a single button. The tool also has automatic noise voltage detection. www.

Raycap’s Strikesorb surge protection device extends the operating life of wind turbine power generators by providing uninterrupted protection from direct lightning strikes up to 200kA.


Supavac pumps transfer hazardous sludge, hard solids, slurries and even dry sand as an alternative to submersible, centrifugal and diaghragm pumps. The pumps use advanced vacuum loading pressure discharge, a patented technology from Australia. They have no rotating parts, no electricity and no moving parts in contact with the flow. They can vacuum load from 200 feet away and discharge up to 2,900 feet away for on-site transfers.


Autodesk has unveiled Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise 2008 and Autodesk Topobase 2008. The geospatial software tools provide a platform for sharing information across departments at every stage of infrastructure design, construction and management.


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