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May 1, 2012
By Canadian Consulting Engineer



The Lubi wall-mounted solar hot air collector by Enerconcept Technologies of Magog, Quebec, won the 2012 AHR Expo Innovation Award in Chicago. The Canadian Standards Association lists the Lubi as up to 81% efficient with a 1.20 performance factor. It has perforated glazing panels that minimize heat loss and appears aesthetically as a wall of windows.

Eaton Corporation’s S-Max Series 250 kW grid-tied Inverter is manufactured in Milton, Ontario. The S-Max Series is designed for large-scale rooftop solar installations. Its active front end (AFE) technology operates in harsh environments with 24/7 operation cycles. It includes embedded intelligence for automated commissioning, operation and shutdown.

The sleek Avancis PowerMax rack-mounted PV modules by CertainTeed/Saint-Gobain consist of copper–indium–selenide (CIS) solar technology. The panels continue to generate electricity even in partial shading and have a high snow load capacity.

The SunSource Commercial Energy System by Lennox is the first commercial HVAC system that integrates directly with solar power. It integrates with the Energence rooftop unit and accommodates up to 21 solar panels. Microinverter technology individually controls the panels. Changes to the building’s electrical wiring are not generally required.

Conergy has a new aerodynamic mounting system for PV installations that is intended for industrial flat roofs that can hold limited weight. Manufactured in Ontario, the SolarFamulus Air has an aerodynamic shape that reduces wind lifting forces, so that its own weight and minimal additional ballasting hold it in place without needing roof penetrations.

r and wastewater markets in Western Canada.

Grundfos Canada celebrated its 20th year in business on May. The company, with a 370-m2 distribution centre in Mississauga, Ontario, has its roots in Denmark.

Schneider Electric Canada has appointed Daniel Peloquin as its new President. Daniel replaces Gary Abrams who has become Transformation Leader for Schneider Electric North America’s IT Initiative.

Gorman-Rupp Canada has a new General Manager for its Canadian operations based in St. Thomas, Ontario. Robert Furneau succeeds Gary Creeden, the company’s vice-president, who retires July 1.


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