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Event: NFPA in Minneapolis

May 1, 2002
By Canadian Consulting Engineer

Highlights of the National Fire Protection Association World Safety Conference and Exposition in Minneapolis, May 19-23.SESSION HIGHLIGHTSThis is a selected list of sessions likely to be of interest t...

Highlights of the National Fire Protection Association World Safety Conference and Exposition in Minneapolis, May 19-23.


This is a selected list of sessions likely to be of interest to consulting engineers and engineering technologists. It excludes sessions intended primarily for firefighters, researchers and educators.

Sunday, May 19

8:30-11:30 a.m.

SU07 Developing Progressive Leadership Practices

Dennis Compton, Mesa Fire Department

SU08 Changes to NFPA 13

Christian Dubay, NFPA, Roland Huggins, AFSA

SU09 Performance-Based Fire Protection Design

Doug Beller, P.E., NFPA

SU10 Electrical Section Codes and Standards Forum: NFPA 70B/NFPA 79

Monday, May 20

11 a.m. – noon

M04 NFPA Codes and Standards Making Process

Casey Grant, NFPA

M05 Fire Safety Design of the Shanghai International Exposition Center

Joshua Greene, Rolf Jensen & Associates

The Shanghai International Exposition Center was designed following the Peoples Republic of China prescriptive codes in conjunction with a performance-based approach. This presentation will demonstrate the fire safety solutions developed and discuss the building’s unique fabric roof system, exposed structural steel design, and large open floor areas.

M06 Sprinkler Protection for Metal Buildings

Bennie Vincent, Factory Mutual Research

M07 Horizontal Evacuation of a High-Rise Residential Care Facility – Follow Up

Jack Woycheese, P.E., FSFPE, Hughes Associates

M08 NFPA Learn: NFPA Training and Certification Advances Your Career

Robert Ruscitto & Mark Schofield, NFPA

Monday, May 20

1.30 p.m. – 3.00 p.m.

M13 What’s New in NFPA 72 for 2002?

Art Black, Carmel Fire Protection Assoc., Raymond Grill, P.E., RJA Group, Ronald Mengel, Honeywell

M14 Safe Schools

Jon Nisja, Minnesota Fire Marshals Office

M15 Explosion Protection Technology

Erdem A. Ural, Worcester Polytechnic Inst.

M17 A Better Idea in Fire Protection for Automobile Manufacturing Facilities

John E. Cieslik, CSP, Ford Motor Co., Dennis P. Mason, Marsh Risk Consulting, Martin Pabich P.E.,Underwriters Laboratories

M18 Recent Advancements in New Extinguishing Technology

Richard E. Ottman, John Owens & Paul E. Rivers, 3M Speciality Materials

M19 Code Provisions for Existing Buildings

Allan Fraser, NFPA

M20 Honors Session of the SFPE and the NFPA Research Section. Lecture by the SFPE

Arthur B. Guise and NFPA Bigglestone Award Winners

David A. Lucht, P.E.

M24 The BPAT Study of the World Trade Center Disaster

Robert Duval, NFPA, James Milke, University of Maryland, Robert Solomon, NFPA

The session will review the World Trade Center incident of September 11, 2001. Robert Solomon will review details of the construction of the twin towers and other involved structures and Mr. Duval and Professor James Milke from the University of Maryland will share their observations from their week on the site with the BPAT team and the BPAT process. The presenters will review ongoing studies of the incident. Sponsored by the Society of Fire Protection Engineers

M25 Electronic Fire Codes Training

Rick Sterling & Richard Wallace, NFPA

M26 Health Care Section, NFPA 5000 Codes and Standards Review Forum

Tom Bulow, Tom Bulow & Assoc.

Monday, May 20

4.00 – 5.00 p.m.

M30 Building Air Circulation and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Simone Hochgreb, Exponent, Inc.

M31 Reliant Stadium Smoke Control Design

Randolph Tucker, The RJA Group

M32 A New Canadian Fire Protection Engineering Research Program

David Torvi, Ph.D., University of Saskatchewan

M33 Automotive Spray Finishing Operations

Joseph Claya, J. William Sheppard, General Motors

M34 Safe and Sound: the Benefits of Directional Sound Beacons for Evacuations of Buildings, Ships and Aircraft

Deborah Withington, University of Leeds

M37 The Professional Engineering License in Fire Protection Engineering – From Soup to Nuts

Morgan Hurley, P.E., Jack Woycheese, P.E., FSFPE, Hughes Associates

Tuesday, May 21

8.00-9.30 a.m.

T02 New Career Opportunities, New Educational Challenges: Is Emergency Management In Your Future?

Richard L. Bennett, University of Akron, Jeffery Hartle, MS, CFAS, Central Missouri State University

T03 Protecting Mission Critical Equipment – Choosing the Right Agent

Howard Hammel, DuPont, Shawn Mullen, Protex Central, Joe Ziemba, Ansul

Technical discussion on commercially available clean agent suppression systems.

T04 A Comparison of the 1993 and 2001 Evacuations of the World Trade Center

Rita Fahy, Ph.D., NFPA,Guylne Proulx, Ph.D., National Research Council of Canada.

The authors will present a paper comparing the 1993 World Trade Center evacuation with the media-reported descriptions of the September 11 evacuation. Changes were made to the stairwell systems after the 1993 bombing, and those changes reportedly played an important role in what was, in many ways, a highly successful evacuation.

T05 Methods of Fire Suppression and Detection in Health Care

Thomas W. Gardner, P.E., Gage-Babcock & Associates

T07 Large Industrial Projects – Schedules, Budgets, Codes, and Impact on Fire Protection

Ernest D. Yonkers, Albert Kahn Assoc.

T08 Internal Investigation of 13 ESFR Sprinkler Systems

Warren Bonisch, P.E., Schirmer Engineering

T09 The SFPE Engineering Practice Guide on Design Fires for Structural Elements

Stephen Hill, P.E., A.T.F., Morgan Hurley, P.E., Society of Fire Protection Engineers, Brian Lattimer, Ph.D., Hughes Associates, Jim Milke, Ph.D. This presentation is the product of SFPE’s working group on fire exposures to structural elements. It reviews the three major fire threats to structures:

fully developed compartment fires, fire plumes, and fires exposing exterior

structural elements; calculation methods

to quantify them, and the limitations of

those methods.Sponsored by the Society of Fire Protection Engineers

T10 Web-Based Safety Training – a Powerful Cost and Time Management Tool

C.W. David Anderson,

T13 Codes, Standards, Best Practices, Who Do I Have to Satisfy?

Mark Schofield, NFPA

T14 Electronic Fire Codes Training

Rick Sterling, NFPA, Richard Wallace, NFPA

Tuesday, May 21

8:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.

T17 NFPA 72 Technical Committee Chair Report

Tuesday, May 21

11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

T18 NFPA Technical Committee

Electrical Section

T19 Study of Home Smoke Alarm Performance at Kemano Burn

Joseph Su, Ph.D., National Research Council of Canada

Tuesday, May 21

11:00 a.m.- noon

T20 Performance-Based Fire Alarm Design

Robert Gagnon, P.E., Gagnon Engineering

T21 Practical Explosion Suppression Design with Consideration of Theoretical Explosion Development

Charles Gardner, Advanced Innovation

T24 Mediation – Resolving Conflicts in Code Applications

David Nuss, NFPA

Conflict is always present in the application of codes and standards — between enforcer and designer, designer and contractor, and contractor and owner. This presentation will discuss how mediation can be an effective tool in resolving those conflicts.

T25 Control and Prevention of MIC in FPS

Rebecca Pope, Bioindustrial Technologies

T27 Technological Resources Available to Help Health Care Facilities

Dale Woodin, American Society for Healthcare Engineering

Tuesday, May 21

1:30-4.00 p.m.

T32 Finding Funding for Fire and Life Safety Programs

Beverly Browning, BBA

Tuesday, May 21

1:30-3:00 p.m.

T33 Results of New Smoke Alarm Tests

Richard Bukowski, NIST/BFRL

T35 A New Dust Explosion Vent Sizing Methodology

Erdem A. Ural, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

T36 Equivalencies: How, When, and Why to Use Them

Ron Farr, Kalamazoo Township Fire Dept., David Hood, Phillips & Assoc., Dean Samet, JCAHO

Application of code equivalencies in health care facilities

T37 Lessons Learned from the 2002 Winter Olympics

Scott Adams, Park City Fire District

Learn how Park City, Utah, handled the 2002 Winter Olympics from a fire service perspective. What were the concerns, timeframes, and problems that needed to be overcome before the Olympics? What precautions were taken to
ensure safety during the Olympics? Topics covered will include venues, public spaces, lodging, and special structures.

T38 Understanding Hieroglyphics – Demistifying Building Codes.

The New NFPA 5000 Building Code, organization, content , goals and objectives

David Collins, Preview Group, Nancy McNabb, NFPA

T39 Halon Recycling: Emission Reduction Regulations, Training Guidance, and Good Practices

Tom Cortina, Alcalde & Fay, Ron Sibley, U.S. Department of Defense Ozone Depleting Substance Reserve

T40 Case Study Applications of Performance-Based Fire Protection Analysis and Design

Brian Gagnon & Sanjay Aggarawal, Rolf Jensen & Assoc.

Reviews two recent projects where the principles of the SFPE Guide to Performance-Based Analysis and Design were applied to develop the fire safety design for the project. Authors will review the design of an apartment complex in San Francisco and a cultural centre in Spain. Sponsored by the Society of Fire Protection Engineers

T41 The Ingredients of a Successful Evacuation Training Program in Portland, Oregon

Moderator: Vicki Wade, Palm Beach Fire Dept., Earl Diment, Portland Fire Bureau

Fire and life safety evacuation training from health care facilities to hotels

T43 NFPA Standards Forum

Moderator: Philip J. DiNenno, Chair of the Standards Council/Hughes Assoc., Maureen Brodoff & Catherine G. Brown, NFPA

T44 Electronic Fire Codes Training

Rick Sterling, NFPA, Richard Wallace, NFPA

Wednesday, May 22

8.00-9.30 a.m.

W01 Investigation of the Application of Duct Smoke Detectors in HVAC Systems – Final Report

John Cholin, P.E., J.M. Cholin Consultants,Dr. Gary Lougheed, NRC Canada, Dr. James Milke, University of Maryland

W02 Effect of Ignition Location on ESFR Sprinkler Performance

Hsiang-Cheng Kung, Ph.D., Factory Mutual Research

W04 Chem/Bio Protection – Creating a Synergy with Fire Safety and Security

Andrew Bowman, P.E., Gage-Babcock & Associates, Michael Janus, Battelle Memorial Inst.

W05 Structural Collapse Prediction Research

Joe McElvaney, Phoenix Fire Department, David Stroup, P.E., NIST/BFRL

W06 Commodity Classification for Plastic Pallet Use – the Right Protection

Ron Stein, Dan Tafaro, Nucon Corp., William Thomas, TVA Fire & Life Safety

W07 Lessons Learned: the Silent Health Care Provider of 9-11

Tom Lawrence, NREMT-P, RI Hospital

W08 Introducing NFPA 5000: the New Generation of Building Code: Part 1

Moderator: John Kampmeyer, Triad Fire Protection Eng. Corp.

A little over two years in development, the NFPA 5000 Building Code will be presented to the general membership for acceptance later this week. A number of presenters representing the major stakeholders in building design and construction process will provide a summary overview of the document from each of their perspectives. This is an executive summary intended to give building owners, design professionals, contractors, and code administrators a good sense of the document and to highlight some of the issues and philosophies that went into its development. Sponsored by the Architects, Engineers, and Building Officials Section

W10 Electrical Section Codes Forum: NFPA 72

W11 Electronic Fire Codes Training

Wednesday, May 22

11 a.m.-noon

W14 Where is the Fire Information? Tips on Using the Web

Nora Jason, Nora H. Jason Consulting

W15 Firefighting Tactical Decision Aids

David Evans, Ph.D., and Walter W. Jones, NIST/BFRL

W17 Corrosion Phenomena in Sprinkler Systems

Myron Shenkiryk & Ockert Van Der Schijff, Ph.D., P.E., Altran Corporation

W18 Sprinkler Education for Life Safety

Raymond Walker Jr., Town of Windsor, Connecticut

W19 Fire Stopping

Michael Crowley, RJA Group, John Hurley, Firestop Solutions Group

W20 The Future of Aqueous Film-Forming Foam

David Hague, P.E., NFPA

W21 Theory and Concepts of Performance-Based Codes

Doug Beller, P.E., NFPA

Will describe the development of performance-based codes and their advantages and disadvantages when compared to prescriptive codes. The discussion will also consider the elements that are required to effectively implement a performance-based regulatory system and why such a system is desirable.

Sponsored by the Architects, Engineers, and Building Officials Section

W22 Introducing NFPA 5000: The New Generation of Building Code: Part 2

Moderator: John Kampmeyer, Triad Fire Protection Eng. Corp.

See description for W08. Sponsored by the Architects, Engineers, and Building Officials Section


The product manufacturers’ exposition opens Monday, May 20 at 10 a.m. and closes Wednesday, May 22 at 3 p.m.

3M Company

A-C Fire Pump Systems


ADT Security Services

AEI Cables

AES Intellinet

AFC Cable Systems

Akron Brass

Alarm Saf

Allied Tube



Ambient Control Systems


American Fire Sprinkler Assn.

American Pacific Halotron Div

American Pyrotechnics Assoc.


AMSECO (American Security Equipment)

Anvil International

APi Systems Group

AquaALERT – Water Leak Sensing

Armstrong Darling

Arrow Tank & Engineering

Aurora Pump

Automatic Fire Alarm Assoc.

Automation Displays

Badger Fire Protection

BDL Industries


Bilco Company

BioIndustrial Technologies Inc.

BlazeMaster(r) Fire Sprinkler Systems


Buckeye Fire Equipment

Building Operating Management Magazine

CAD Zone


CDC-National Center for Injury Prevention and Control

Cease Fire LLC

Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau

Central Sprinkler

Chemetron Fire Systems


Clarke Fire Protection Products


Columbian TecTank

Comark Corporation

Combustion Safety

Commercial Products Group

Conbraco Industries

Conrady Consultant Services

Consulting Specifying Engineer/Building Design & Construction

Cornell Communications

Corrpro Waterworks

Croker Div. Fire-End and Croker


DecoShield Systems

Detection Systems/Radionics



Draka USA

DuPont Company

Dyne Technologies

Edwards Manufacturing

Elkhart Brass Mfg.

Engineered Systems Magazine




Evax Systems

Fairbanks Morse Pump

Faraday LLC

Fenwal Protection Systems

Fenwal Safety Systems

FieldServer Technologies


Fire Control Instruments

Fire Equipment Manufacturers Assoc.

Fire Lite Alarms

Fire Safety Displays

Fire Sentry

Fire Trak



Firetrace International


Flame Fighter


Flex Head Industries


FM Global

FOGTEC North America

FPE Software


GE Global Asset Protection Services

Gem Sprinkler

Gemini Scientific

General Air Products



Globe Fire Sprinkler

Grace Construction Products

Great Lakes Chemical


Grice Engineering

Guardian Fire Equipment

H.R. Kirkland

Halma Fire and Security

Harrington Signal

Heary Bros. Lightning Protection

HERC Products


Home Safeguard Industries

Hoover Treated Wood Products

HRS Systems

Hubbell Industrial Controls

Huguenot Laboratories


Hydro Flow Products

ICON International

ICS Triplex


Industrial Protection Devices


International Code Council

International Fire Protection Magazine

International Fire Resistant Systems

International Firestops Council


Jessup Mfg.

Johns Manville

Joslyn Clark Controls


Kidde Fire Systems

Kidde Hospitality Area



Light Engineered Displays




Master Control Systems

Maxi-Signal Products

MEDC International

Meggitt Avionics





Mircom Technologies

Modular Protection Corporation

National Fire Sprinkler Assoc.

National Research Council of Canada

National Time & Signal

Nelson Firestop Products


NFPA Americas’ Fire Expo

NGC Testing Services

Ningbo Kaixuan Fire Control Equipment

No Climb Products


OCV Control Valves

Omega Point Laboratories


Overhead Door


Patterson Pump

Pem All Fire Extinguisher

Performance Pipe

M Engineer

Potter Electric Signal

Potter Roemer Fire Protection Equipment


Pyrogen/Firepak Oil & Gas Industries




Reliable Automatic Sprinkler

RemTec International


RJA Group



Safe Building

SAFE Fire Detection


Safety Storage

Safety Technology Int’l



Security & SDM Magazine

Security Sales & Integration


Senior Technologies

Sensor Electronics/Fire Combat

Shurjoint Piping Products

Siemens Building Technologies/

Fire Safety Division

SigCom (Signal Communications)

Silent Knight


Smith-Cooper International

Smoke Guard

Society of Fire Protection Engineers

Southwest Research Institute

Space Age Electronics

Spears Manufacturing

Specified Technologies


Star Sprinkler

Sterling/Peerless Pump


System Sensor

T.T. International

Talco Industries/Talco Fire Systems

Task Force Tips



Textron Fastening Systems

Thermal Ceramics

Thermo Gas Tech




TVA Fire & Life Safety

Twenty-First Century Fire Equipment

Tyco Fire Products

Tyco Suppression Systems

Uncommon USA

Underwriters Laboratories

Vesta, SRL


Victaulic of America


W.S. Darley


West Penn Wire/CDT

Wet or Dry Tank Inspection


Wilkins Operation/Zurn Plumbing


Williams Fire & Hazard Control


Worcester Polytechnic Institute-IMC


Yong Won E.N.C.

As in previous years, Canadian Consulting Engineer devotes a section of this special Fire-Safety issue to the National Fire Protection Association annual convention. We include session highlights, and a list of the exhibitors.

Most events will be held in the Minneapolis Convention Center at 1301 Second Avenue South. Pre-conference events begin on Friday, May 17.

For more details, or to register visit, tel. (617) 770-3000 or fax (617) 770-0700.

Keynote Address, Bernard Kerik

Monday, May 20, 8:00 a.m.-10.30 a.m., Main Auditorium

Bernard Kerik was New York City’s 40th police commissioner and author of a memoir, The Lost Son: A Life in Pursuit of Justice on the search for his mother who abandoned him at age four. He will speak on crisis management and organizational leadership.

Reception & Show,

Monday Night, May 20

Hors d’oevres, beer, wine and a live show of “1964” a tribute to the Beatles.


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