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Common VOCs & Their Sources

August 1, 1999
By Canadian Consulting Engineer

CHEMICALSOURCEAcetonePaint, coatings, finishes, paint remover and thinner, caulkingAliphaticPaint, adhesive, gasoline, combustion sources, liquid pr...

Acetone Paint, coatings, finishes, paint remover and thinner, caulking
Aliphatic Paint, adhesive, gasoline, combustion sources, liquid process photocopiers,
hydrocarbons carpet, linoleum, caulking compound
(octane, decane,
undecane hexane,
mixtures, etc.)
Aromatic Combustion sources, paint, adhesive, gasoline, linoleum, wall coatings
(toluene, xylenes,
ethylbenzene, benzene)
Chlorinated solvents Upholstery and carpet cleaner or protector, paint, paint remover,
(dichloromethane or lacquers, solvents, correction fluid, dry-cleaned clothes
methylene chloride,
n-Butyl acetate Acoustic ceiling tile, linoleum, caulking compound
Dichlorobenzene Carpet, moth crystals, air fresheners
4-Phenylcyclohexene (4-pc) Carpet, paint
Terpenes (Limonene, a-pinene) Deodorizers, cleaning agents, polishes, fabrics, fabric softener, cigarettes

Source: “Office Air: A Worker’s Guide to Air Quality in Offices, Schools, and Hospitals,” a Report of the Federal-Provincial Advisory Committee on Environmental and Occupational Health, 93-EHD-174, revised 1995.


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