Canadian Consulting Engineer

Canada’s Big Three

August 1, 1999
By Canadian Consulting Engineer

AGRA INC.Headquarters: Edmonton, Alta., Executive Offices: Oakville, Ont.1998 gross gevenues: $860.3 million (Agra) + $300 million (Simons)Number of...

AGRA INC. Headquarters: Edmonton, Alta., Executive Offices: Oakville, Ont.
1998 gross gevenues: $860.3 million (Agra) + $300 million (Simons)
Number of employees: 7,000
Acquisitions since 1997 1999
Simons International, Vancouver
Consulting Engineering Services, Inc., Reno, Nevada
Whitman Benn, Nova Scotia.
Washburn & Gillis, New Brunswick
Intranet Technologies, Ottawa
BFL Consultants, Nfld.
Birwelco, U.K.
Consultants B.B.L. Lte/Group Cartier, Quebec
Franki Canada (western Canada assets)
Seaborne Information Technologies
SNC-LAVALIN Headquarters: Montreal, Que.
1998 gross revenues: $1.5 billion
Number of employees 6,383
Acquisitions since 1997 1999
Simon -Carves Fenco Inc., London, U.K.
25% share in Expertech (Bell Canada)
Geracon, Montreal
Pellemon, Montreal
STANTEC Headquarters: Edmonton, Alta.
Gross revenues 1998: $185.5 million
Number of employees: 2,000
Acquisitions since 1997 1999
Loeppky & Associates Surveyors, Alberta
Goodfellow Consultants and subsidiaries, Ontario
Kaminski-Hubbard Engineering, Arizona
Walker Consulting Group, Alberta
Laird Polson Architecture, Alberta (operating assets)
LaFontaine, Cowie, Buratto & Associates, Ontario
Parenco Ltd and subsidiaries/C.C. Parker Consultants, Ontario
WSAG Architects, B.C. (operating assets)
Barry Johns Architects, Alberta (operating assets)
McNeely Engineering Consultants and subsidiaries, Ontario
PEL Group and subsidiaries/Paragon Engineering, Ontario
Geomatic Technologies, Alberta (operating assets)
SEA., Nevada and Arizona
D.W. Thomson Consultants Ltd, B.C. and Washington


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