Canadian Consulting Engineer

Resilience 2017

April 25 - April 26, 2017
Matrix Hotel 10640 100 Ave NW Edmonton AB T5J 3N8

As human infrastructure continues to grow and spread, so too do the risks posed by natural hazards including wildfires, flooding, extreme weather, and temperature fluctuations. And as we’ve seen in recent years, disasters focused in urban areas can be absolutely catastrophic. Here in Canada, recent major events are testing our infrastructure to the limits, including wildfires, rail disasters, flooding in urban areas, winter storms, and widespread electrical power disruptions. The world is changing, and every governing body, from national governments down to municipalities, need to face up to these challenges.

Resilience Canada 2017 will focus on various issues such as implementing resilience in infrastructure, the insurance industry perspective and risk management, wildfire threats and their economic and social impact on both urban areas and remote communities, and how social media has evolved to play a significant role in the response to emergencies.

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