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PEO York Chapter Presents Treatment of Alzheimer Disease and Parkinson Disease with CT Scans

February 28, 2017
531 Atkinson Ave. Thornhill, Ontario

confusedAlzheimer disease primarily affects older adults. This neuro-degenerative disorder is the most common cause of dementia and is a leading source of their morbidity and mortality. Patient care costs in the United States are about $200 billion and will more than double by 2040. This case report describes the remarkable improvement in a patient with advanced AD in hospice who received 5 computed tomography scans of the brain, about 40 mGy each, over a period of 3 months. The mechanism appears to be radiation-induced up-regulation of the patient’s adaptive protection systems against AD, which partially restored cognition, memory, speech, movement, and appetite.  Meanwhile, the patient’s spouse has been receiving CT scan treatments to alleviate symptoms of Parkinson disease.


speaker jerry cuttlerOur speaker is Jerry Cuttler, P.Eng. who graduated from the University of Toronto (Engineering Physics, Nuclear) in 1964. He received his M.Sc. and D.Sc. degrees from the Israel Institute of Technology (Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Sciences) in 1967 and 1971 while employed by IAEC as a research engineer and by the IIT as a laboratory manager. He was the Technical Manager of Seforad Applied Radiation from 1971 to 74, and then began a 26-year career at Atomic Energy of Canada Limited in 1974. He led the team that designed and procured the nuclear instrumentation for three CANDU 6 reactors and for Pickering B and Bruce B stations. Jerry was later AECL’s engineering manager for Bruce B, resident engineering manager in Romania, engineering manager of the SLOWPOKE district heating reactor, manager of AECL services at Pickering, CANDU 9 engineering integration manager, and a technical services manager. After retiring from AECL in 2000, Cuttler & Associates has been very busy serving Ontario Power Generation, AECL and Bruce Power for Pickering-4 return to service, the MAPLE medical isotope reactors, and the Bruce 1&2 Restart. He continues to provide services to Bruce Power and to OPG for nuclear plant life extension. Dr. Cuttler served on the council of the Canadian Nuclear Society for about 15 years and was president.

The price of the event is $15 per person and it will be held at Yummy Grill Restaurant in their private event room.

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