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PEO York Chapter Presents: Ontario’s Energy Dilemma: Reducing Emissions at an Affordable Cost

April 04, 2017

This OSPE presentation the challenges we face to reduce emissions across the economy and the opportunities to leverage a low emission electrical system to facilitate carbon emission reductions in other sectors like transportation, buildings and industry.

Our presenter will discuss:

  • Power System Carbon Dioxide Emissions
  • Power System Supply and Demand
  • Marginal Cost of Zero Emission Production
  • Availability of Surplus Zero Emission Electricity
  • Policy Barriers to Productive Use of Surplus Zero Emission Electricity
  • Case Studies

Our Presenter is Paul Acchione, M.Eng., P.Eng., FCAE


Paul is a member of PEO York Chapter and a frequent presenter. He has a B.A.Sc. and M.Eng. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto.  Paul is a member of ASME, ANS, IEEE and ISA and a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering.   Paul has over 45 years of engineering and management experience in the power generation industry.  He worked for 31 years with Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and its predecessor companies.  He is now a Management Consultant at Market Intelligence & Data Analysis Corporation and was the 2013-14 President and Chair of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE).  Paul is currently a member of OSPE’s Energy Task Force and CSA Group’s Advisory Council on Renewable Energy.




The price of the event is $15 per person and some refreshments will be provided. Friends are welcome and networking encouraged!

Rick Vender, P.Eng.

Program Director

PEO York Chapter



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