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International Interactive Symposium on Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC)

June 02 - June 05, 2019
Hilton, Albany, 40 Lodge St, Albany, NY 12207, USA

Ultra-high performance concrete can be seen as a major breakthrough in concrete technology in the last century. The material has attracted the interest of many researchers, designers, practitioners, agencies, societies, contractors and suppliers through its excellent mechanical performance and its resistance against environmental degradation. UHPC has an increasingly large world-wide research audience increasing the number of published journal papers and conference articles. UHPC unites people, disciplines and societies to achieve goals of high impact. Those goals are directed towards an enhancement of our safety, health and living conditions. They positively impact our environment, counteract the degradation of our infrastructure, and provide inspiring, sustainable and cost-efficient solutions to current and future design problems.

The Second International Interactive Symposium on Ultra-High Performance Concrete (2IIS-UHPC) will build on the success of the first symposium held in July 2016.

The event will bring together the UHPC Community for more learning, networking, and advancement of this innovative technology.

The interactive symposium will afford professionals working on all aspects of UHPC to:

  • share knowledge about applications and opportunities,
  • broaden technical depth,
  • identify knowledge gaps and
  • grow the UHPC family dedicated to truly working together to achieve similar goals.

New to the 2019 symposium is the inaugural Ultra-High Performance Concrete Innovation Awards. The awards will celebrate exemplary uses of UHPC in buildings, structures, and non-structural applications.

Awards will be presented to innovative applications by architects, engineers, project owners, and material specialists that demonstrate excellence in design, aesthetics, and craftsmanship in fabrication and construction using UHPC materials and/or elements.

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