Canadian Consulting Engineer

Environmentalism is dead …

August 17, 2004
By Canadian Consulting Engineer

Quote: "Stand back. What I am about to say may shock you. Disturb you.... Environmentalism is dead.

Quote: “Stand back. What I am about to say may shock you. Disturb you…. Environmentalism is dead.
“What I’m talking about is the end of environmentalism as merely a marginalized social subculture usually portrayed as a group that “values nature more than people” — a nonsensical critique, of course, but it has been the standard line.
“The demise of this group is why rants by politicians, pundits or industry leaders about the evils of environmentalists now ring hollow. Environmentalists are no longer just disenfranchised granola-munching hippies. They are business-people, soccer moms, entrepreneurs, doctors, scientists and even that guy at the video store with all the metal stuck in his face, They are everywhere….
So what happened? Well, environmentalism has gone mainstream – kinda like hip-hop, only with less swearing. People have started to recognize that their decisions matter. Global environmental problems like climate change have finally entered the public conscious and people are hungry for solutions.”

Source: Dave Taylor, “Environmentalism Goes Mainstream,” in
Finding Solutions, newsletter of the David Suzuki Foundation, Summer


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