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EPA lists refrigerants as low GWP

March 17, 2015

The Air-conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) in the U.S. reports that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved several new refrigerants as having low global warming potential. Most apply to refrigeration.

The EPA issued a list on March 3 under the SNAP program, adopting the following:

– Ethane in very low temperature refrigeration and in non-mechanical heat transfer;

– Isobutane in retail food refrigeration (e.g., stand-alone commercial refrigerators and freezers) and in vending machines;


– Propane in household refrigerators, freezers, combination refrigerators and freezers, vending machines, and room air conditioning units;

– R-441A in retail food refrigeration (e.g., stand-alone commercial refrigerators and freezers), vending machines and room air conditioning units; and

– R-32 in room air conditioning units.

With regard to the last item, the AHRI Update of March 6 explains: “According to the EPA’s definition, room air conditioning units include packaged terminal air conditioners and heat pumps, window air conditioners, and portable air conditioners designed for use in a single room. Specifically excluded from the definition are central air conditioners, and mini-split and multi-split air conditioners and heat pumps.

“Finally, with the exception of R-32, the EPA is exempting all the above listed refrigerants from the non-venting provision of the Clean Air Act.”

To read the AHRI report, click here.


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