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Survey shows Alberta engineers want more action on climate change

The majority of engineers responding to a survey in Alberta said that climate change is real, and only a third said...

March 19, 2008  Canadian Consulting Engineer

The majority of engineers responding to a survey in Alberta said that climate change is real, and only a third said that the Alberta Government’s climate change action plan is adequate. In a poll conducted by the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA), a total of 1,077 of its members responded to a survey on climate changes.
Only a third (32%) of the respondents said that the Alberta Government’s climate action plan is adequate, while the majority (69%) said government should take the lead in developing renewable and sustainable energy.
Highlights of the results of the survey, which were released March 6, were:
99% of respondents agree that the climate is changing;
83% agree that climate change may result in both warming and cooling;
27% believe climate change is caused by primarily natural factors such as volcanoes, natural variations, sunspots;
26% believe it is caused primarily by human factors, such as burning fossil fuels, changing land use, and enhanced water evaporation due to irrigation;
45% believe that climate change is caused by both human and natural factors;
68% disagree that the debate on the causes of recent climate change is settled;
Only 31% of the respondents felt that they were considered to be a valuable technical resource regarding climate change within their organizations, and only 26% believe they are able to influence corporate decision making.
The report recommends that APEGGA should support scientifically informed debate, and should help provide technical and policy advice to government.
It was also recommended that APEGGA should host an environmental summit in 2008 focusing on technologies and mitigation strategies.
With 1,077 surveys received from a total of 51,000 sent out to members, the sample is considered accurate to within +/- 3.1 percentage points (19 times out of 20).



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1 Comment » for Survey shows Alberta engineers want more action on climate change
  1. John Galt says:

    That was then…… This is now, i.e., 2016 with no clear signs that any of Al Gore’s predicted climate catastrophes came to pass. So which of the engineering disciplines would stand the most to lose with respect to the “PREMISE” that AGW was real? Civil first and foremost obviously.

    Back then we didn’t know much about it with Al Gore leading well ahead of IPCC AR#s with so much hyperbolic snake oil salesman fear selling strategies.

    Meanwhile who does the easily manipulated mainstream news media look to for new and renewable alternative energy solutions? The engineers? No……. The environmentalist or “informal experts” 😉 And what do they know about energy being first and foremost, so called environmental experts? NOT MUCH!

    It is the electrical engineering discipline that lives and breathes energy throughout their entire careers from nuclear, hydro, tidal, kinetic, wind, PV solar, through to landfill methane gas extraction, biogas etc. etc.

    Ignore their warnings and guess what happens…. We see it now in Ontario. Disgusting what politicians and the mainstream news media thinks they know and decides to highjack our entire energy system…… There will be hell to pay sooner than later.

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