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Hyperloop to become more than a dream

March 3, 2015

Artist's rendering of Hyperloop tube transportation mode. Image; Hyperloop Technologies.

Artist’s rendering of Hyperloop tube transportation mode. Image; Hyperloop Technologies.

A completely new form of transportation is going to be built in California, beginning in 2016.

The Hyperloop is the brainchild of 43-year old Elon Musk (famed inventor and entrepreneur of Tesla, SolarCity, PayPal, etc. — he’s also part-Canadian).

The concept of the Hyperloop involves a tube with a low pressure environment, inside which passenger pods travel at almost supersonic speeds. The company says the pressure inside the tube will be 100 pa at 760 mph. Magnets and fans will push the passenger pods, which hold 28 people, through the tubes.

After Musk described the concept in a 57-page white paper in 2013, he handed it over to the public for anyone to develop. From a group of 100 interested engineers and designers who honed in on the idea, a company has evolved called Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. The company was founded by JumpStarters using its crowdfunding and crowd collaboration platform.


The company has struck an agreement to install the system along a five-mile stretch of the planned community of Quay Valley. Quay Valley will be a sustainable community that will be an environmental showcase and will operate on 100 per cent solar power.

According to the BBC, Musk described the hyperloop as a “a cross between Concorde, a railgun and an air hockey table.

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