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ENR editor fired up about “disgraceful” legacy at Ground Zero

September 24, 2007
By Canadian Consulting Engineer

Construction publications generally play it safe and don't often express fiery political opinions, but the Septembe...

Construction publications generally play it safe and don’t often express fiery political opinions, but the September 12 issue of Engineering News Record was an exception.
Marking the sixth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, the ENR editor came out with a scathing review of the Bush administration’s presence in Iraq, calling it a “self-made morass.”
The editorial continues: “Even the rebuilding efforts at the World Trade Center site are rife with politics, grandstanding emotional paralysis and junk science relating to building codes and design. Ground Zero continues to claim lives, the latest being two firefighters who died August 18 while fighting a blaze atop the skeleton remains of the 41-story Deutsche Bank building. It’s hard to believe the wrecked building is even still standing.
“More disgraceful is the way the nation is treating heroes who are sickening and dying because of exposure to a potpourri of airborne toxins that the Environmental Protection Agency said was safe. These heroes are the military, first responders, rescuers, police, firefighters and construction workers who worked at Ground Zero rescuing victims, recovering remains and clearing Lower Manhattan. Hundreds are ill and scores have died. America should be embracing these people, not treating them as freeloaders and fakers.”


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