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Engineers Canada launches Mobility Register for engineers with experience

November 30, 2016

Successful registrants will be able to apply for international credentials.

Engineers who want to work in other countries may find it easier now that Engineers Canada has launched the Mobility Register.

By successfully registering, the engineer shows that they are an experienced and well qualified engineer. They may in turn register for two international designations, IntPE and APEC.

The IntPE designation is for the International Professional Engineers Agreement (IPEA) register, and the APEC designation relates to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Engineers Agreement (APEC EA).

Engineers Canada says that a person who successfully registers “may experience more expeditious mobility between the participating countries.”


Applying for the designation involves a self-assessment process whereby the engineer declares they meet and will maintain the necessary qualifications.

To qualify the person must not only be a licensed engineer in good standing with one of the 12 Canadian provincial and territorial engineering regulators, but also have gained a minimum of seven years of practical experience within the discipline for which they are seeking enlistment. The person also must have spent at least two of those years in charge of “significant engineering work.”

Moreover, the engineer must satisfy the continuing professional development requirements in all the jurisdictions in which they currently practice.

Several countries are on both the APEC and IPEA registries: United States, Australia, New Zealand, Chinese Tapiei, Hong Kong China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. The U.K., Ireland, South Africa and Sri Lanka are on the IPEA registry only, while Indonesia, Philippines, Russia and Thailand appear only on the APEC list.

Engineers Canada is the national umbrella organization for professional engineering licensing associations.

For more details about the Engineers Canada Mobility Register, click here.



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