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December issue features astonishing structural engineering in Toronto

In the December issue, now posted at<br>...

December 29, 2003  Canadian Consulting Engineer

In the December issue, now posted at<br>
“The New Eccentrics”<br>
Architecture goes extreme at the new additions to the Royal Ontario Museum and the Ontario College of Art in Toronto, calling on engineers have to use their creative skills to meet the challenge.<br>
Read about how Halsall worked with Arup of the U.K. to develop a Dia-grid to design the exploding crystal at the ROM, and how Carruthers and Wallace designed the “flying rectangle” on 26-metre stilts at the art college. <br>

Other features in this issue:<br>

“Roofs and the Environment.”<br>

“True Green.” How it’s more important to consider the overall environmental performance of a building than what specific technologies it might use. <br>


Engineers and the Law: “Consequential Damages”<br>

Employment: New Staff – orientation and training.<br>
And much more …<br>



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