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A score of engineers running for Parliament

September 9, 2015   CCE

Engineers Canada, the Ottawa-based national engineering organization, has a special Federal Election website which includes information about the needy state of infrastructure in Canada and projects engineering labour needs for the next decade.

The site also has a list of professional engineers who are running as candidates in the federal election.

The 21 candidates are spread fairly evenly among three of the parties: five are in the Conservative Party, six in the Green Party, seven are with the Liberals. Only three are New Democrats.

Thirteen of the hopeful contenders hail from Ontario. Only one is from British Columbia.

Engineers Canada stresses it does not support any of the candidates, but provides a list of websites for accessing information.

Click here to see the list.


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  1. Ronald Gilkie, P.Eng., Ph.D. says:

    It is great to see people trained in logical thinking willing to let their names stand for political office. I hope they are successful in teaching government that scientific facts trump political expedience when it comes to decision making. Would that I were 50 years younger!

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