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Comtech and CIMA+ partner for Confederation Building rehabilitation

Public Services and Procurement Canada and its Science and Parliamentary Infrastructure Branch have awarded a multi-year contract to the joint venture.

Algoma Steel appoints EllisDon construction manager for electric arc furnace

“We are proud to join one of Canada’s largest electrification projects targeting reduced carbon emissions,” says EllisDon president and CEO Geoff Smith.

RJC relocates Victoria office to the Rotunda

Owned by Jawl Properties, the building is named after a showcase structural element designed by RJC, which crowns the top of the atrium space.

CCE’s Top 10 Under 40 awards program returns

The program recognizes young professional engineers across Canada. This year’s deadline for nomination submissions is May 15.


Maximize Project Success with Fiberglass Conduit Elbows

Champion Fiberglass® Elbows offer no burn-through that eliminates repairs. Their lightweight nature contributes to increased installation savings and makes Champion Elbows an ideal solution to protect data center and utility infrastructure.
  • No burn-through eliminated elbow repairs
  • Low coefficient of friction allows for smooth pulls
  • Fault resistance makes repairing cable easy
  • Mechanical strength protects cable
  • Light weight and gasket connections facilitate speedy installation
  • Lower prices keep projects on budget

Learn how utility projects benefit from no burn-through fiberglass elbows. » Learn more...

COWI hires leader for offshore wind power projects

He joins the firm’s renewable energy team as an associate technical director, with more than 20 years’ professional experience in naval architecture. » Read More...

Parsons to acquire IPKeys Power Partners

The software provider focuses on grid modernization and cybersecurity for critical infrastructure, serving hundreds of utilities across North America. » Read More...

Fast + Epp promotes associates, associate principals

Jamie Pobre Sullivan and Chris Mills are now associates, while Carla Dickof and Yury Kulikov are now associate principals. » Read More...

Save the date for CCE's first Women in Engineering virtual event

The June 21 event aims to spotlight the accomplishments of successful female professional engineers and encourage more women to join the industry. » Read More...

Sponsored Spotlight 

Have Peace of Mind from the Ground UpTM with RadonX™ Soil Gas Venting.

Radon gas is a colourless, odourless gas that occurs naturally from decaying uranium in the soil. Over time, it can seep into a home through cracks and openings in the foundation. If not adequately vented, it can build to concentrations that pose a serious health hazard.

The RadonX™ Soil Gas Venting System from IPEX is Canada’s first engineered PVC radon gas piping system. The product line consists of perforated gas collector and venting pipes, fittings, accessories and solvent cements. Working together as an engineered system, RadonX™ safely collects and vents soil gas before it enters your home. » Learn more

Canadian Hydrogen Convention

April 25-27
Location: Edmonton
»

The Future of Cities

May 9-11
Location: Tempe, Ariz.
»

CSCE Annual Conference

May 24-27
Location: Moncton
»