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Technologists given self-regulating status in Alberta

In Alberta, legislation has now been enacted that gives technologists the right to practise their skills indep...

October 19, 2009  Canadian Consulting Engineer

In Alberta, legislation has now been enacted that gives technologists the right to practise their skills independently and to use their stamps.

With changes to the Engineering, Geology and Geophysical Professions Act, a new category of Professional Technologist or “P.Tech” has been created. These licensees will have the right to “a scope of practice that is the routine application of industry recognized codes, standards, procedures and practices using established engineering or applied science principles and methods of problem solving.”

The scopes of practice will be tailored for each prospective P.Tech.

The P.Tech licence is being regulated jointly by the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA) and the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET). They will be jointly responsible for licensing individuals and enforcing the rules and code of ethics. However, the individuals having the title will be members only of ASET.


Another change in the legislation was to make ASET a self-regulating professional association. ASET alone will govern two other categories known as Certified Technicians and Certified Engineering Technologists.

The changes to the licensing regime in Alberta are complex and were brought about under the banner of a “One Act, Two Associations” arrangement.

Neil Windsor, P.Eng., executive director and registrar of APEGGA, said about the new situation: “Joint regulation is a powerful symbol of a new level of cooperation between APEGGA and ASET. Our members and ASET’s members have been working together on effective teams for decades — teams that drive the economy of Alberta.

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