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RJC Engineers appoints new principals and associates

January 18, 2021

RJC Engineers - new principals

Left to right: (top row) Jack Albert, Ryan Coles, James Cooper, (bottom row) Beau Gaudreau, Kumbo Mwanang’onze, Kevin Pickwick. Photos courtesy RJC Engineers.

Canadian consulting engineering firm Read Jones Christoffersen (RJC) Engineers has promoted six of its professional engineers to principal and 12 to associate.

The newly promoted principals (pictured above) include:

  • Jack Albert, P.Eng. (Toronto)
  • Ryan Coles, P.Eng. (Calgary)
  • James Cooper, P.Eng. (Toronto)
  • Beau Gaudreau, P.Eng. (Toronto)
  • Kumbo Mwanang’onze, P.Eng. (Toronto)
  • Kevin Pickwick, P.Eng. (Victoria)

All of them focus on building science and restoration, except Mwanang’onze who is dedicated to structural engineering.

The new associates (pictured below), meanwhile, include:

  • Jennifer Durham, P.Eng. (Vancouver, building sciences and restoration)
  • Hardeep Gill, P.Eng. (Vancouver, building science and restoration)
  • Mathew Lipiec, P.Eng. (Toronto, structural engineering)
  • Michael MacLean, P.Eng. (Vancouver, building science and restoration)
  • Cameron Marshall, P.Eng. (Victoria, structural engineering)
  • Jose Polanco, P.Eng. (Toronto, structural engineering)
  • James Pye, P.Eng. (Ottawa, structural engineering)
  • Alana Redding, P.Eng. (Calgary, structural engineering)
  • Gordon Simpson, P.Eng. (Calgary, structural engineering)
  • Kelsey Van Steele, P.Eng. (Vancouver, building science and restoration)
  • Andrew Voth, P.Eng. (Toronto, structural engineering)
  • Alex Wong, P.Eng. (Toronto, structural engineering)
RJC Engineers - new associates (1)

Left to right: (top row) Jennifer Durham, Hardeep Gill, Mathew Lipiec, (bottom row) Michael MacLean, Cameron Marshall, Jose Polanco.

RJC Engineers - new associates (2)

Left to right: (top row) James Pye, Gordon Simpson, Alana Redding, (bottom row) Kelsey Van Steele, Andrew Voth, Alex Wong.



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