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Hatch integrates wastewater treatment plant software provider

January 13, 2021

Hydromantis is now part of the water group.

Hatch and Hydromantis

Hatch’s latest expansion is through the integration of Hydromantis Environmental Software Solutions, a Hamilton-based developer of water management and resources recovery software. The business is now part of Hatch’s water group.

“This integration is the result of many years of successfully working together and our strong growth in digital services over the last several years,” says Rajeev Goel, president and CEO of Hydromantis. “It will help us build and expand on the strengths of our products and services.”

The software provider is best-known for GPS-X, a tool for mathematical modelling, control, optimization and management of wastewater treatment plants. Its other platforms include SimuWorks OpTool, MantisAI, Toxchem and CapdetWorks.


“Hydromantis’ focus on advanced and targeted software for the water and wastewater industry, combined with Hatch’s global footprint in engineering and consulting services, positions us to tackle all of our clients’ toughest challenges,” says David Mutombo, managing director for Hatch’s water group.


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