Canadian Consulting Engineer

Hatch undertakes commercial-scale lithium-metal production facility study

September 13, 2022

The manufacturer's CEO is a former Hatch engineer.

electric vehicle

Photo courtesy Li-Metal.

Toronto-based Li-Metal has engaged consulting engineering firm Hatch to undertake a concept study for the development of a commercial-scale facility for the production of lithium metals for next-generation batteries.

“We are delighted to work with Hatch as we advance the development of our technology and move closer to bringing domestic production capacity online,” says Maciej Jastrzebski, co-founder and CEO of Li-Metal. “As a former Hatch engineer, I have witnessed the team’s expertise in the lithium space firsthand.”

Earlier this year, Li-Metal completed construction of a pilot production plant 25 km northeast of Toronto. The same facility houses the company’s corporate offices and an advanced anode materials lab that develops and tests customized materials for lighter, more energy-dense and safer electric vehicle (EV) batteries.



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