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Cheers for the Holiday Parties

November 14, 2016

Scene from "The Office" NBC show that ran from 2005-2013, with Steve Carell.

Scene from “The Office” NBC show that ran from 2005-2013, with Steve Carell.

A U.S. company is holding a webinar “HR’s Holiday Party Guide: How to avoid common legal and safety issues for a positive workplace event.”

To be held on November 17, the webinar promises “practical answers on how to avoid a legal hangover in the aftermath of an office party.”

You’ll learn:

– Employee handbook rules to emphasize before the workplace holiday party

–  How to throw a workplace holiday party that doesn’t violate religious discrimination laws, ignore religious or medical needs, or fail to provide access to disabled guests

– How to reduce the risk of sexual harassment and nip inappropriate behavior in the bud

– The pros and cons of serving alcohol at a company function

– Effective ways to limit alcohol consumption and assist inebriated guests in getting home

–  Why you need someone officially “in charge” of the party — and what this person’s responsibilities are.”

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