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COVID-19 Updates

FeatureBuildings COVID-19 Updates Energy
December 15, 2020  

Balancing IAQ and energy efficiency via solar heating

NewsCOVID-19 Updates Engineering
December 8, 2020  

VIDEO: A look back and ahead

FeatureCOVID-19 Updates Engineering
December 3, 2020  

Feds’ fall economic statement suggests engineering opportunities

ProductCOVID-19 Updates
November 24, 2020  

Festo lends a robotic helping hand

NewsBuildings COVID-19 Updates
November 11, 2020  

Construction rebounds in B.C., Ontario, Quebec, but slows in Alberta

FeatureBuildings COVID-19 Updates
November 11, 2020  

2020 #CCEawards Showcase: Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital

FeatureBuildings COVID-19 Updates Energy Engineering Environmental Transportation Water & Wastewater
October 7, 2020  

Industry responds to federal infrastructure announcement

NewsCOVID-19 Updates Water & Wastewater
September 11, 2020  

GHD launches wastewater testing service for COVID-19 detection

ProductBuildings COVID-19 Updates
August 28, 2020  

Portable air disinfection device rapidly kills coronavirus

ProductCOVID-19 Updates
August 28, 2020  

Virus-fighting app wins award

FeatureBuildings COVID-19 Updates
August 22, 2020  

Elevated risk: Vertical transportation and COVID-19

NewsBuildings COVID-19 Updates
August 19, 2020  

ASHRAE clarifies HVAC guidance for reopening buildings during COVID-19

NewsBusiness & Professional COVID-19 Updates
August 13, 2020  

New show manager announced for CMPX

NewsBuildings COVID-19 Updates Environmental Transportation
August 5, 2020  

Infrastructure Canada offers $3.3 billion for pandemic-resilient projects

NewsCOVID-19 Updates Water & Wastewater
July 16, 2020  

What’s flushed away could help uncover the second wave of COVID-19

NewsBuildings Companies & People COVID-19 Updates
July 14, 2020  

RWDI launches COVID-19 testing service

NewsBuildings COVID-19 Updates
July 10, 2020  

Addressing higher construction costs during COVID-19

NewsCOVID-19 Updates Engineering Transportation Water & Wastewater
June 16, 2020  

Manitoba Restart Program to fund infrastructure projects

NewsCOVID-19 Updates Engineering
June 11, 2020  

ASHRAE repositions more conferences due to pandemic

NewsBuildings COVID-19 Updates
May 31, 2020  

SMS designs portable ICUs made of shipping containers

NewsCompanies & People COVID-19 Updates
May 31, 2020  

Hatch delivers cleaning supplies to remote Indigenous communities

NewsCOVID-19 Updates Transportation
May 15, 2020  

Saskatchewan adds stimulus package for highway infrastructure

NewsBusiness & Professional COVID-19 Updates Engineering
May 13, 2020  

WinSETT Centre launches GoFundMe campaign to outlast COVID-19

NewsCOVID-19 Updates Engineering
May 12, 2020  

Technical Safety BC lets engineers register designs online

ProductBuildings COVID-19 Updates
May 5, 2020  

LED module fights viruses and bacteria on escalator handrails

FeatureBuildings Companies & People COVID-19 Updates Engineering
May 5, 2020  

Consulting engineers respond to pandemic

NewsBuildings COVID-19 Updates Industrial
May 4, 2020  

Essential construction projects reopen in Ontario

NewsBuildings COVID-19 Updates Transportation
April 29, 2020  

Quebec to reopen all construction May 11

NewsCOVID-19 Updates Engineering
April 27, 2020  

SNC-Lavalin PAE to supply mobile health units across Canada

NewsCOVID-19 Updates Environmental
April 20, 2020  

Rare earth pilot plant retrofitted to produce hand sanitizer