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Public vague on where to complain about engineers

August 11, 2015

An Ipsos Reid survey conducted for Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) last year was intended to gauge the public’s knowledge of the association and that it is in charge of engineering licences.
A finding of concern to PEO was that only 4 per cent of the 800+ respondents knew where to complain about an engineer. According to a report in PEO’s Engineering Dimensions, “nearly 20 per cent identified the Ministry of Labour as the place to go, and more than 30 per cent had no idea how to find out if an engineer is licensed or what kind of work must be performed by an engineer.”
The survey showed that while the public is generally aware that engineers need a licence to practise, people were not as aware of this as they were aware that doctors, nurses and lawyers need to be licensed.
Less than half — about 40 per cent— of the respondents knew that an engineer needed a stamp or seal to practise, and that the P.Eng. designation signified that a person had a licence.
To read the report by Michael Mastromatteo in Engineering Dimensions July-August 2015 issue, page 35-36, click here.


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