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Internet of Things goes Google

June 9, 2015

Google unveiled a stripped down operating system called Brillo last week that is intended to run on low power devices in the famous “Internet of Things.”

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a futuristic world where all kinds of objects and devices are embedded with electronics and sensors to communicate intelligently with each other. The classic example often given is that your fridge will signal to your phone to tell you when you are running out of milk. However, once everything is sensored and connected there are numerous possibilities. Articles have cited examples of everything from farm animals having bio-sensors embedded, to garbage bins that tell the city operators when they’re full and need emptying.
Google’s Brillo system is “a stripped down version” of its Android operating system and works with a communications layer known as Weave.
To read a Tech Xplore article in about Brillo and Weave, click here.
To read about the technology from Google, click here.




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